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Thursday, May 28, 2009



What a wonderful way to end the school year! It sounds like Jazzie has had a very successful year in every aspect - academically and socially. It has taken me awhile to learn that most times, it is only a big deal to my child if I make it a big deal.....she has much better ability to take things in stride than her mom!

Briana's Mom

She is a total rock star! :)

Two Kayaks

You have EVERY right to be proud of all of Jazzie's accomplishments! She has come a long way and with an amazing sense of fortitude. Yes, you should definitely feel proud!

What a great picture. congrats Jazzie for moving on to the 2nd grade in a just a few more days.

Loved the video too on fb


Jazzie has such a beautiful smile! She smiles with her entire face! And I just can hardly believe that she's going to be in 2nd grade now. When did THAT happen? In some ways, I want to speed things up so my friends (finally!) get their referrals but in every other way, I want to slow it all down to a slow crawl and enjoy every single fleeting moment of what's left of my kids' babyhood.

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You should be proud of Jazzie! She is an amazing person who has worked very hard.

OVV provided all of you with what you needed at the time. They are an excellant school & I am so glad that they exist for families in your situation. They are a wonderful foundation & stepping stone.

I have said it before, & I will say it again. You have enabled Jazzie to have a great sense of self-confidence. That said, there is no way for her to do anything but be a bright shining star.


You should be proud.. Jazzie is an amazing little girl with a great future ahead of her.. it's going to be fun to watch her and Tahlia grow up!


Congratulations to all of you :)

Actually, Jazzie is very very lucky! Cochlear Implant is amazing technology for deaf children. Just no problem on her life in school. Coz she can speak so well.......! Hearing peers will join/play with her easily, I believe it is fine in her school life forever! Because many deaf children can understand that CI is very important for them, they can hear and speak well with CIs, also helpful for their life in hearing world...

Do you know? Deaf school will be closed the coming future in Hong Kong. It should be sad news for deaf culture. Addition, HK Government or deaf children parents who are hearing, think CIs is very helpful for deaf children, also are very successful for them, it appears many of them are forced to have CIs.

I believe that it perhaps will be happened that deaf children who have CIs, don't understand what is the deaf culture.

However, I read the newspaper which was about bad story with CI. One of deaf child who is boy, he is deaf in mild. His speech is very well, good hearing with hearing aids, but his parents wanted to improve his hearing. He has an implant on "good" ear, it should be sad that his resident hearing was damaged, could not hear with aid anymore. However, his mother said that she is NOT regret to make decision for her son.

It is many stories about the CIs. However, I am also proud of Jazzie, coz she is profound deaf, enjoys her childhood with hearing peers. I wish I was her ;P, coz I never had good childhood in school life, could not talk with hearing peers as well. Coz it had no CI in the past.

So that many deaf people who have no CIs faced lots of difficult in hearing world at past. Most of them were unhappy.

That's why many deaf children are very lucky now, as CI technology save/help them! They don't need to face lots of bad experiences anymore :)

So you don't need to think too much, CIs are wonderful for Jazzie!

I want to tell Jazzie "you are very lucky. you should enjoy with two gifts for life everyday :) You will be a star ;)"

GO Jazzie!


And you should be! Congratulations to you and Jazzie! Sounds like she is reaalllly thriving!

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