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Wednesday, May 27, 2009



I love all of your word walls. The girls outfits are wonderful!!! I love sayings on walls..
PS I love your paint color(s) also:)


You are amazing artist! I believe Jazzie will learn many art with you. Coz art is suitable for deaf :)

I am deaf too, else artist :)



I love what you've done with your home. It looks so warm & inviting.

Shery from CA

I loved every part of your wall, Sandra. You are amazing. How do you find the time and energy to come up with those? You are like Martha Stewart and I admire that so much. I love your home. I love the part about sitting long esp in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, laughing with friends. Ahh, almost brought a tear to my eyes. Your kids are very lucky to have you for a mommy. I'm with the others here - did you do the walls yourself and where did you have the shadow boxes done?

Truly inspiring...


the last one is my favorite! i love them all though!


I love them all...and I have a few of the same ones adorning my walls. Why am I not surprised about that?

Two Kayaks

Good thoughts!!



Keep smilin!


Can you share your source for the wall words? I have a blank spot and was just thinking something inspirational would go well in that area.

they are all great sayings but that last one brought a little tear to my eye. I've got Maddy's clothes' in a box in my closet. How awesome to put it in a shadow box. :-)


I love the girls gotcha outfits in the shadow boxes. Did you do them yourself or have them done professionally? I may steal that idea! :)


I, too love your sentiments and expressions. I have quite a few in my home as well. I absolutely adore your shadow boxes! I too, would love to display the outfit our daughter was wearing when we adopted her. Do you mind if I ask how you did them? Did you do them yourself or have them professionally done? Your blog is truly inspiring :)


That really personalizes your space doesn't it. I'm sure everyone feels so welcomed in your home.
Did you have a hard time coming up with all the different sayings? That would be the hard part for me!!!


Oh, I love all your sayings and plaques but I ADORE the shadow boxes of their first little outfits. I keep mine (for Dahlia) in a memory box but want to display it and you've inspired me. (And I'll get 2 as we'll be getting another little first outfit very soon.)

Wanda (At Last...)


what wonderful sentiments :)

I love the one in your basement wall!!
Family a journey to forever...

do you mind me asking where you found it? (like I would find it here in Canada anyway! lol)

Angela :)


I love them too! In fact I have the same one you have in your bathroom in my kitchen. Life is not measured...

Polar Bear

LOVE the shadow boxes!!! I hadn't seen that one. I may have to steal that idea, okay? :)


Love It. I would certainly feel welcomed walking into your house.


Thank you for the inspiration. I am trying to find words to put in my dining room and entry way at our house and your's give me great ideas.

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