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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Gerry Bossier

“I know it's not the healthiest breakfast in the world, but hey, it's summer break!” – Well, it is not a bad idea to give in to your kids’ request once in a while. They would love you for it. Anyway, your deck is gorgeous! And the sofa looks comfy. The girls surely were enjoying their donuts while sitting comfortably on the deck!

Chase Conely

It seems that your girls love your new deck too! Well, who wouldn’t love to eat sweets on a lovely porch? I sure do! The good thing about having a porch is that it adds aesthetic and resale value to your property. Also, you’ll have a place where you can spend some quality time with the kids while enjoying the outside view.


the deck is fabulous!!

Hope you girls had a great day today! It was beautiful up here so I'm assuming it was beautiful down there too! :0)

Love your deck. They are really nice.

Sue B

It is lovely!!! I really like your sitting area - very cozy. What a treat to feast on doughnuts while enjoying your new deck!!!


it's GORGEOUS!! and am LOVING Jazzie's new haircut, so cute!!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with that breakfast! Yum! Love your new deck and it looks like it will be a great place to spend time with friends and family! Enjoy.


Enjoy the new deck....It is beautiful!!

Have a great time with the girls:)


It is beautiful! You'll have many memorable times out there.


How awesome! That will definately make for a GREAT summer.


I am SO jealous!! I love your new deck!! The furniture is perfect for hanging out & relaxing while chatting.

Briana's Mom

Oh my gosh! It is beautiful! I can see why you are enjoying it!

Two Kayaks

GORGEOUS! I am green with envy as we don't have a patio or deck out back. We have been here for 9 years and there's always somewhere else for our money to go...perhaps it's time...


That is a lovely spot to relax and enjoy summertime.

Keep smilin!


I loooove it!! Can't wait to sit my tired RMH bottom in one of those nice seats:)

See you tomorrow!!




You are going to love the deck. The deck on our current house is as big as the foot print of the house and sold me on the house once I saw it. Nothing better than having a nice, relaxing place to take in a beautiful day.


Wow, it's beautiful!


It looks wonderful! I absolutely love sitting on our deck as well, so I know the feeling well. Enjoy!!

Susan S.

It looks great and such nice furniture. Sounds like it will be well used.


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