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Monday, June 29, 2009



Lovely! I had to chuckle when I read the title of this post, since I had an "out of the blue" discussion with my youngest that turned out not to be so "out of the blue" after all! I blogged a bit about it, and linked to your post. Hope you don't think I was dissing you -- in fact, I love this post!


yes.. no questions about that... you are her mom and daddy is her daddy. She has such assurance there even though sometimes she may wonder about her birth parents.


Just beautiful!!!


My only hope is that when Erin gets to this stage, I handle it with as much as grace you are doing.


Elise asks lots and lots of questions at times about her birth parents. You never know where it is going to go.

There was one time that she told me her birth mother was her favorite momma (in all seriousness) because she had Elise first. Heart my heart a bit but I know she's processing some deep feelings that I've never experienced.


We've had lots of these conversations with Amelia (7 y/o) but Isabel (4 y/o) avoids them like the plague.

Recently Amelia expressed the desire to find her Birth Mother so I asked what she would like to happen if she was ever able to find her & she said, "I'd say good bye"

Wanda (At Last...)

How beautiful. What a gift Jazzie is - such a deep and thoughful and sensitive little soul. (Beautiful picture of her BTW - the lighting is spectacular.)

My Dahlia has many times said she wished she had come from my tummy and now with Milana coming soon, it's on her mind a lot. Now she asks if Milana is in my tummy.

Thanks, as usual, for your honest and insightful posts.


Amen to that.

Interesting. Lately, Maddy has been saying she wants her mommy. She says this directly to me or with me right in the room. This weekend when I said, "I am your mommy", she said. "No, my other mommy". I'm not sure if she was referring to China or not but it is strange none the less when it happens. thanks for sharing your moments with Jazzie so I know better how to handle it when it comes up here

Two Kayaks

It is really just as simple as that. I imagine that Jazzie feels very comfortable talking to you and asking you questions. It will be this kind of openness that will allow her to keep asking the questions that will bring her clarity.


This made me cry as Amelia and I have had so many conversations like this lately. She has never said she wished she grew in my belly, but she has asked their names, what they look like, where they live, etc.
I always say that maybe her first mommy's eyes look like hers, and her daddy's nose like hers, something like that.
Seems to satisfy for the moment.


Great job mama!! It is as simple as that.

Shery from CA

Ohh Lou Ellen's comment was nice esp about the birth parents being beautiful!!!

Sandra, what a touching post. Jazzie is very bright and is a pretty deep thinker, it seems. But I liked what you wrote in the end b/c sometimes life just needs to be as simple as that to make room for peace and happiness. Good job mommy - and what a nice photo of J to go along with today's post! :)


Very sweet story!
thanks for sharing these stories because I'm going to need help when Madison starts asking.. she really hasn't asked much yet .. and I am not pushing it..
Jazzie's photo is beautiful.. nice job Sandra!

Lou Ellen

When Ellie and I had one of our "birth family" conversations, she just sobbed. She also said we are her Mom and Dad, but she was hurt that someone didn't want her. It helped her when I explained that for some reason, her birth mother was unable to parent ANY little girl at that time. It was not because of her. I asked what she would like to call her birth mother. China Mom, Other Mommy, etc, were all ruled out by our daughter. When I asked if she would like to just give her a name, she like that idea. So, now her birth parents each have a name. She realizes those are not their real names, but it is okay. One thing I told her and you can tell your girls is that the birth parents must have been very beautiful.

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