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Friday, June 26, 2009



Your camping trips are always amazing. And, yes, I agree that your version of camping is "da bomb."

It looks like everyone had a great time from all of your wonderful pics!


Sounds you all had a great time! Great pics too!!

Briana's Mom

What an awesome trip!


I'd like to know where this was, too. Since you and I are not far from each other... it's gotta be around here somewhere, right? E-mail me when you get a chance and let me know the name. Looks like a great place. I love the water slide!

What an amazing week of family fun! There is truly nothing better. And, I agree with you, that kind of "camping" is the only way to go!!
Love the water slides. The girls look like they had a great time!
Hope you had a great date with the DVR :0)


Looks like the perfect family vacation.. relaxing and fun in the sun.. also that is my idea of camping too!


Fun fun fun!!

I agree with you...that is the only way to camp:)


It looks like you had a really good time! I love that the lake had water slides. Where did you go? I could definately handle that kind of camping!


Looks like a great memory maker...=)
I LOVE the picture of Jazzie laying on the picnic bench.!!


That looks like a BLAST. Love the water slides. Where were you?

Two Kayaks

Looks like it was an amazing week filled with good people and good times. Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

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