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Sunday, July 19, 2009



Looks like they had a fabulous time. And mom too... no clean up. Yay!


What a great party!!! Looks like all the girls had so much fun......I love cupcake cakes.....they are so much easier for the parties....and for school....the teachers love them!!


What fun! Looks like a GREAT birthday party with lots of good friends and tons of fun!


oh, both girls are same birthday days?
Happy birthday to you =)



Very fun, you gotta love the jump house party! Happy birthday to your cuties!

Polar Bear

What GREAT fun!!! Love all of the pictures!!

Briana's Mom

FUN! Great pics! Bri is going to have hers at Jumpits this year. I can't wait!!


Happy Birthday to your sweeties!! What a blast- love those cakes!!


Those cupcakes are great. It looks like such a fun time. I can't stop thinking how big all the kids look. Wow!


How much fun was that? Glad they enjoyed their party - presents and cake:)

Amelia is getting excited about her party already! It's not until September, but we've already reserved the date at her gymnastics studio. She can have up to 10 kids, but I'm thinking 5 just to avoid the over abundance of gifts:)


So many cute pics and what great cakes!! Happy, happy Birthday girlies!!

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