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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Miss Kat's Mom

Great job girly!


Jazzie is one incredible kid! I know you beam with pride when it comes to all she has overcome. Ok, I cracked up not only at Jazzie being silly, but Tahlia's commentary at the end. I love that kid :) She has a deep, raspy voice like Paige's. I'll have to video Paige talking and let you hear...she and Tahlia are two of a kind! Have a good weekend!


What an awesome picture...great colors! I couldn't get the file to open. :(


She is my hero. She is truly a gift!


AMAZING!!! what a precious lifelong gift you gave Jazzie when you chose to have her coclear surgery. rock!!

Two Kayaks

Sounds great...funny too!

Briana's Mom

She sounds so good! You could never tell she was deaf. She is so funny!


She is sooooo adorable! What a sweet voice!


She is adorable!! I am always amazed by her....she has overcome so much in her short little life and sems to have handled it all so well....she comes across so confident and well adjusted....Kayce is AMAZING little girl:)

Hope you had a Happy 4th!


I can't hear the clips because I haven't trained my ear to 'listen' to English , but I wear a cochlear implant.I thought sweetie Jazzie was bilateral?

and the pic of her you shot is ama-dah-zing!


Jazzie is such an amazing young girl! Love her humor!!

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