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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Shery from CA

S, what a sweet and precious note from sister to sister. I loved it! As for fall, it's my fave too. Have you guys started thinking about Halloween outfits yet? ;)


What a precious note!

My grandmother used to always have canned tomatoes (among other veggies!) in her cupboard, and I just loved having some when I was there! I miss that, and wish I knew how to can. Can you do a post on how to can tomatoes?? Can you can tomatoes from the store as well, or should they be garden fresh??


I have been thinking about canning tomatoes this summer as I have a ton. How do you do it. I have never done it before and am a little intimidated. Thanks


I can't believe your temps are in the 60's. It blows me away that anyone is having weather that cool right now. We continue, as we've had all summer, to have triple digit temps. It's just AWFUL here. You don't see any kids playing outside because it's just too hot. Ugh!!......Anyway, glad you got some canning done. That's awesome!!


I love Fall weather, too! I've got all my windows open today letting the cool breezes blow through the house. And I have some friends coming over tonight for a fire out in the firepit. Perfect weather for it. Enjoy your weekend.

PS. Save that note to show the girls when they're teenagers fighting over who used the other ones lip gloss. LOL! Very cute.


That little note is too sweet!

We are having cool days here, too. It's overcast and breezy. That just means that September and October are going to have some really hot weather, though. Indian Summer.


Oh I do like the fall weather too - but Amelia is MAD that it hasn't been warm enough to swim at the campground! She'll get over it!


That is the sweetest letter!


It shows that you use a lot of positive reinforcement with your girls! Just look at that beautiful note! That must make you such a proud mama.


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