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Wednesday, August 05, 2009



I had read this blog back in July , and I got recently some toupee tape in Greece , tried all suggestions which didn't work...I recalled Jazzie's way and I tried it..ta-da! it works , after all the frustration for me!! it's great!

Thanks Jazzie and Sandra!!


I know how proud you are of Jazzie & all her accomplishments. Her ability to deal with her processors gives her that independence that you've been wanting her to have. Way to go Jazzie!


So is she getting used to double processors?


Adorable...and one organized gal too :0)


Thank goodness she is so responsible - and so coordinated - Way to go Jazzie!


What an excellent child you have! I Love her new look with her permanent teeth - too cute!


What a responsible little girl! Way to go Jazzie!


She appears to have great concentration and methodical in her routine. It is a job everyday and Yeah for her for doing it so well.

Keep smilin!


Laugh if you like, but this tape has been a gift from heaven. Before Sandra found it, Jazzie's processors spent more time hanging in the air than on her ear, no matter how many times we put it back on.


Good girl, J =)
oh my god, use the tape on her ears?


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