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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Rebecca Kavel

Oh, that's pretty tough to answer. Well, my daughter had to wear glasses and braces at the same time too when she was ten. I know, being deaf is a lot more serious than these two. But one day, Jazzie will come to realize that all her efforts will pay off. What makes Jazzie different makes her beautiful. =)


I only wish that I had the answers for both you & Jazzie. I'm sure that there are times when she's angry about it all. Just hang in there Sandra. You & Jazzie will figure it all out one day.

deaf school

hey... that's nice blog... it remembers me of my school days.. thanks.... hope u'll keep doin it...!!!!


Poor kid! I bet she doesn't feel it's fair! I don't blame her! Could you tell her that my daughter had braces and her teeth look SO amazing and wonderful and she says now that it was SO worth it? And my son is wearing them now, but now that he has seen what it has done for Sarah, he is okay with it because he has seen what braces can do!


Oh, this touches my heart. Elise has said the same type of thing in the past (why can't I talk so everyone can understand me?). Breaks my heart. I just went to contacts and Elise watched that process pretty closely. We may explore that option for her in a few years. And dental work...ugh. She's had more work done in her 7 years than I've had my whole life (did you know they do root canals on baby teeth?). Her adult teeth are coming in all crooked so I suspect she'll be in braces, too.

When you discover the "right" way to answer that question, let me know.

Lou Ellen

It's not fair, but it is life. I would let her know that contact lenses are an option when she is a bit older. Regardless, she is beautiful and has already brought much happiness to the world!


Very tough questions to answer......breaks my heart to read this. Hopefully the braces will be easier to overcome....maybe because a lot of children need to wear them and they are only temporary!!




This too shall pass... I think just about every kid with hearing loss goes through the same thing (myself included) at one point or another. Sure, there are still times when I get frustrated, but for the most part it's just something that I'm used to. Just keeping telling Jazzie that her glasses and CIs make her special, and while you understand it can be harder for her at times, you wouldn't want her any other way, because that makes her who she is. Oh, and braces are worse than implants and glasses, in my opinion/experience. I just keeping telling myself they're only temporary :)


How old is she now? I was seven years old when I realized what it meant to be deaf.

Help assure Jazzie an accessible future on the Internet...join Caption Action 2 on Facebook -


For her to notice the differences means she's growing up and bathing in the world around her. She seems like such a strong soul that I have no doubt she will overcome those thoughts before you know it. Until then....I'm thinking of you as you gather all the words that she needs to hear.


Growing up is so hard. I imagine it's harder when you've realized you're different than most of the people around you.

But with your love and guidance she will learn to embrace her uniqueness. And hopefully she'll be blessed with lots of friends who think she's just wonderful the way she is.


what a sweet kid. She's so aware of things - a sign of a very smart child!

Maybe braces will put contacts on order for her? I was less unhappy about the graces once I got contacts, plus I see better with contacts!


Is there any other deaf kids or some kind of suppor groupt so she could interact with kids like her? (maybe cionnected with old school?) I know there's a lot of poltics in the deaf community about signing vs speaking and such but hopefully she can find kids who are like her.


Breaks my heart - I can only imagine what it's doing to yours....


I hope I can handle tough questions from my daughter with the finesse as you do. Hugs!

Keep smilin!


Aw.....see? This is why we need to get the girls together someday, so they can know they arn't the only ones....

Although Lindsi has the benefit of knowing several deaf kids at school, who almost all have CIs. One girl is in her grade (they went to preK & K together), but is not ususally in her class.

Send her down to us for a visit!!

Briana's Mom

This post makes me want to cry. I'm highly emotional right now as you know. I really feel for Jazzie. I hope she knows how smart, brave and strong she is and how much she has conquered head on in her life. What an amazing little girl. Oh - let her know I got braces when I was 9 and now my teeth are perfect! ;)

Julie could also tell her(when the time comes) that braces are only temporary and that when she is old enough, she may be a candidate for contacts. "Two out of three ain't bad"...Hang in there mom and Jazzie!!

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