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Thursday, August 20, 2009



I am SO proud of Jazzie too! She has come a long way indeed.. talking to her new friends about her cochlear implants.. on the 1st day of school.. she is so COOL!! Sandra, you are the best Mom for Jazzie, I believe the confident that Jazzie demonstrated is the result of your tender loving care~ You go, momma! :)


I am proud of you!!! It is very good for other kids to understand!! Hope someday in HK some CI children can introduce their hearing loss, why should wear processors etc... let hearing children understand more about the deaf!

Because many deaf school closed in HK now, so many deaf children need to study in normal school. Some deaf children refused to show hearing children about their hearing loss, or only their teachers explaining. So not many Asia hearing children understand about the disable.

Hope someday HK parents and the CI children will do as likes you and Jazzie. Be brave to tell hearing ppl about the deaf.

Anyway, this is good sharing =), Way to go Jazzie!



You must have been SO PROUD of Jazzie! What a terrific little girl you have raised.


Jazzie is awesome!!! I thought of you today when I was enjoying french press coffee and hoping you were enjoying a quiet cup!

BTW - come visit we will always have a guest room for you!


I can just hear the pride in your voice, & it is well-deserved. Jazzie is a phenomenal person.


Jazzie is a brave girl. Even I hate public speaking... and I'm a grown up. LOL!

I've loved looking at your 1st day of school pics and hearing all about it. It gave me a moment to daydream about when I cross that threshold myself with Mia someday... and I got all gooey inside. :)


Oh I am SO glad that both girls had a good first day!! Whew.

I am going to be a nervous wreck when Ro and Ree go, and weepy, just a hot mess -- I already know it...


Does she have a lot of different kids in her class this year? Our school move the kids year to year in grps, with only 2 or 3 adding in or dropping out. Last year, Lindsi was anew to the grp, but this year she should be with all of the kids from last year.

So proud of Jazzie. No way would Lindsi stand in front of her class & explain her CI without it being mandatory....=)

Looking forward to next week, when Lindsi is back to school & Jami starts VPK (4 yr old half day pre K).


I would love to have Jazzie in my class!


Wow... I got choked up reading this entry and I don't even know your family... How proud you had to be while Jazzie was taking care of business. :-)


You should be VERY VERY proud parents!
Enjoy your coffee in peace - finally getting a bit of well deserved time alone:)

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