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Monday, September 28, 2009



I'm from NC and we have had the same pumpkin shortage here, too. I have been looking EVERYWHERE. I actually cook with pumpkin year round and haven't been able to find any since August. I complained to the corporate office of my local grocery store and they told me that Libby's (I had specifically asked about Libby's because my store only had organic pumpkin at $3.95 a can and I was trying to make the distinction)cans and ships out their pumpkin at only one time during the year. When the stores run out, they run out and have to wait until "the time". Unbelievable. Also, they said that there was a pumpkin shortage due to conditions not being great this year for pumpkin growing. I'm just saying. The grocery people suggested I try Wal-Mart as they get their shipments first. So I did try Wal-Mart twice and on the 2nd trip, I struck gold! And I bought 20. yes. 20 cans of that gold! Who would have ever thought????



Thanks for reposting the pumpkin bread recipe! I can't seem to locate the file I put my recipes in. Of course, that's probably because they're on my laptop which hasn't been working.

I'll have to check out my local stores for pumpkin. I think I'll be bringing your pumpkin bread to my holiday parties this year. (That is as long as I can find the durned pumpkin!)


I'm off to the store! Thanks for the heads up! :)

Oh and thanks for sharing your recipe, I will definitely be trying this out!



Thanks for the recipe. I have always wanted it when I read your posts about making it with the girls.


I made your recipe last fall and LOVE it - by far the best I've tried. We always make one of loafs w/ choc chips - also great!


We'll try that recipe, but WHAT???!!! NO Chocolate chips in it?? I think I may have to revise your pumpkin bread recipe to suit

From Lindsi: I have pumpkin bread at home. We eat pumpkin bread in morning.


Yum. I LOVE pumpkin... I'm going to have to visit the store to stockpile pumpkin. I'll grab water and meds for the swine flu and pumpkin for the soul :) They'll all go into our emergency kit!!

I'm not a very good baker, but I'm going to try your recipe. Sounds awesome!

shari dally ulrich

That's funny, I went to my grocery store (Atlanta) Saturday for night for canned pumpkin and they didn't have any. I found a recipe for pumpkin bread I was going to make, but I wondered about your recipe, cause I know you're the pumpkin bread queen. Thanks for sharing!

mary campion

Thanks for the receipe. Not that you are the Food Network, but, if you would ever find the time to also put down your receipe for the noodles that Jazzie likes I as I'm sure others would truly appreciate it. I have tried to duplicate "Chinese noodles" as our Megan calls them but have been very unsuccessful. The photos of yours look great. Thanks, Mary Campion

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