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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


pediatric ENT

It's good to know it was not infected.It really hurts, I hope it will go away.


ENT doctor

Sometimes, doctor can't really figured it out in the first place, thorough examination is needed. I think the Jazzie's doctor is right, sometimes as the kids grow, growth hormones may cause the scar tissue to grow and become thicker.



Any chance that she is developing a keloid? David has one on his chest from when he had scarlet fever. He says it never bothered him & his mother noticed it. Maybe it's just the placement which is throwing the dr off.


Are her glasses rubbing. I have an indention where my glasses sit behind my ears... What about a headband? Hope it resolves without pain!

Christy Bailey


I think it could be scar tissue as well, but a little alarming that the DR doesn't know what it could be.

I hope the redness goes away soon & that it ends up being a "nothing"....glad it's not bothering her anyways.


Wow, if it's not one thing, it's another. It is good that it's not infected. Hopefully it will just go away.


I am just catching up, did not make it over here earlier....

Well, I guess it is good that it is not infected and it is not moving around.

This might sound strange, but maybe it is the way her scar is healing. I have had some major issues with my scars from all the surgical procedures I have had in my abdominal area. The doctors tell me that I have what are called "Keyloids" It makes the scars puffy and kind of bubbly looking! I don't want to go on and on here in your comments, but if you want to know anymore you can email me.

I hope you can figure it out....and whatever it is, I hope it goes away!

Keep us posted!


Don't you love it when the doctors don't know what is going on either! I bet anything Jazzie had a growth spurt and things just moved...I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.

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