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Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Jazzie is such a trooper. Her attitude is amazing but then again not surprising. She has a wonderful family supporting her in every way. I know that you're worried but she will do great. I'm just hoping that the drs can figure out what the lump & scar tissue is all about.


Glad to hear that Jazzie is doing okay.

She has definitely had her fair of problems.

I haven't forgotten to ask my uncle and cousin...we are playing phone tag!


Happy, smart, funny...
What great joy shines in her smile!!


Jazzie is blessed to be in a place where all of her needs are being met. Amelia has the teeth and eye problems and I can only imagine adding deafness to that mix. She is a trooper! Jazzie is one STRONG little girl and she teaches the rest of us through her spirit.


I know I don't have to give the queen of photography tips but when we went thru the whole infection thing this past year, our biggest help for the doctors was my photos. I kept the same background (white) and put a solid color blanket around his neck and shoulders each time so that there wouldn't be any misleading color changes just from the photos. I still have them all in a document and labeled as far as where the itching, swelling, redness was each time so I could compare week to week and sometimes day to day. Our doc really appreciated this as well I think he used the document to show others in his field.


She is a ray of sunshine that shines brightly through all the hardships she faces. Inspiring!

Keep smilin!


I had been done as same Jazzie at past, example:
I need to wear glasses.
I need to wear one processor on my R ear.
I had braces before coz I had bad teeth looks when I was 12.

However, Jazzie is better than me a lot. She has pretty teeth, means not very serious. She can hear with CIs so well. Everything is good for her.

I believe she will a pretty girl in soon.

Cheer up, Jazzie =)

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