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Sunday, October 04, 2009



I've never heard of Honey Crisp apples. Are they local to your area?

Out on Long Island, we grow McCoon apples. They're a cross between a Macintosh & a red delicious. Yummy!


Looks GOOD!! Honey Crisp are the best:) We just hit the bottom of our box of apples.....I might make one more trip back to the orchard:)


I LOVE Honeycrisp Apples:)
I have never used them to make applesauce only to eat...
Have a fun week!!

Two Kayaks

I have applesauce almost every day with breakfast. Yours looks scrumptious!


Oh my gosh - that looks so delicious!!!!

Briana's Mom

Looks delish!!!!


Yummy! We bought three kinds of apples at Target today too busy to go to the Orchard:(


Applesauce is one of my favorite things to eat. I really think I could live on it alone. I've never tried it with Honey Crisp apples. I'll have to pick some up and try it.


Mmmm...Honey Crisp are such yummy apples but around here they're an atrocious price!! Almost $2.00 and apple. Yikes!

Looks like they made wonderful applesauce though.

I'm going picking tomorrow night to make applesauce to freeze for Hannah. If I don't use Honey Crisp, do you have another kind you'd recommend? There are so many choices!!


I love Honey Crisp apples. They've never lasted long enough around here to do anything with other than eat them.

We were going to go to an apple farm this weekend until the crud hit Jim & Sera. Hopefully, we'll go next weekend. I really want to make some applesauce and maybe make some pie filling to freeze. Can applesauce be canned with a water bath, or does it require a pressure canner?

Wanda (At Last...)

Yum is right. I still have to get to it here.

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