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Friday, October 16, 2009



Thanks for the great pumpkin bread recipe. I have made it twice now and it is a huge success at my house. I plan on making it for gifts for school teachers come Christmas. I even tried it and thought it was good and I don't like things pumpkin...that means it much be great!! Can't wait for the giveaway. Any recipes for either Speculaas or krakelingen??

Shery from CA

Hungry now. Tahlia is so talented! I'm excited about your giveaway. This is going to be so much fun to witness! :)


She is just too cute. Love the handprint on the butt picture. :) I've been drooling over a LeCreuset stock pot lately. Trying to justify the purchase in my mind.


The bread looks yummy! I bought some Rachael Ray pots a few months ago (the colour matched the knobs on my stove!lol) and I have to say I'm not very impressed with the quality. I do have a couple of Le Creuset pieces and other than having to be strong to lift them, they're great!lol

Two Kayaks

Oh my goodness!! I made pumpkin bread yesterday (your recipe) and had to use a bundt pan because my mom has my other loaf pan (I used one loaf pan and one bundt pan). How funny is that? I froze the bundt and am eating the myself. It's YUMMY!

Madison's Aunt Kiki

I made this the other day for the first time and instead of putting it into loaf pans I made a bundt cake and poured icing over it. It was delicious! I did however use a cup less sugar and it was still very sweet. Thanks for the recipe.


I made your famous pumpkin bread a couple of weeks ago and it was a HUGE hit. So.....I think that I will need to get more pumpkin and try it as a cake. I like that idea and I think it would go over rather well at my house....:-)


I think baking with our children is important in so many ways. I remember baking with my grandmother & my father & his family at a very young age. I even remember baking in the family bakeries in the middle of the night. I can still smell the pumpernickel dough in my mind.

Erin & I don't get to bake very often since I avoid baking now. David is diabetic but loves sweets & will filch anything homebaked. However, we do have a tradition of baking hamantaschen every year for Purim (a Jewish holiday). Maybe this year, I'll post about it.

Jodee Leader

Cute baking pictures! That flour handprint is a hoot! My family loves to cook too! I can't wait for your giveaway! My Chef Daddy husband would love it!!


I've been following your blog for a pretty long time and it's just amazing how grown up Tahlia looks here lately. She is adorable!


Mmmm mmmm mmmmmm!!!


I love Le Creuset. I have two pots and have several more on my wish list.

So far, I've only baked cupcakes with Sera, but I copied your pumpkin bread recipe and bought some canned pumpkin. We'll be trying it very soon. I love pumpkin bread.

I think it is so great that you bake with your girls. It creates such wonderful memories.


I am making this now.
Thanks for posting!!!!
(I think I have a handprint on my rear but it does not look as cute as T's:)

Angela I want punpkin bread again!! Ella and I made it last weekend and had a blast!! but sadly it is all gone :(

love the handprint on Tahlia ~ too cute!!

Briana's Mom

Mmmm, pumpkin bread. What a fun cooking day! I'm excited about the giveaway!

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