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Wednesday, October 07, 2009



I prepped one during naptime today and am going to bake it for dinner! It looks delicious already...I only had 2 lbs of turkey so i chopped a bunch of mushrooms to fill in...I'll let you know how it goes! Hopefully my kids will like it as much as yours do!


Looks yummy to me! Then again, I think you should have a cooking blog, but what do I know?


We are always looking for new turkey recipes!! Yours looks delish and how come yours doesn't look like you just plopped it on to the plate ;)

Hey, don't we have a birthday coming up??

Much love and many hugs,


Wow! I wish it was as easy to make as it was to scroll through! I'm drooling here!




I made 2 loaves of your pumpkin bread this afternoon and it's pretty doggone good, if I say so myself! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Is that a Le Crueset dutch oven in the photos above? I'm thinking of getting one of those in the lemongrass color. How do you like it and do you think it's worth the $$?

Shery from CA

I love it Sandra! You do need a cooking blog b/c you're so good at it and make it fun to look at. Thx for the inspiration, seriously. I agree, we need to veggie recipes too! Hooray for cooking yummy and healthy!!! =)


Turkey meatloaf is a big hit in our house. I'm excited to try your variation. My daughter (age 4) loves it too. Sandra, my daughter and I made your pumpkin bread recipe today and I cannot wait to try a slice. The house smells delish! I'm curious if your loaf pans for pumpkin bread are 8 inch or 9 inch pans. Finally, I know you said you don't want to turn this into a cooking blog but you's not a bad idea! :)


Any idea how many points per serving?? It looks delicious!

Wanda (At Last...)

Extra Yum - what a great recipe. Thanks!


Even your presentation is gorgeous! Those beans and potatoes would go over like gangbusters at my house - not so sure about the turkey it is, you know meat...and the kid isn't so fond of meat. She might surprise me though.


I love it! My husband is allergic to turkey, but this sounds like it would work with regular lean beef as well (or maybe ground chicken!).
Thanks for sharing.


Love it, thanks for posting!


Can I send my girls over next time you have that for dinner?? I can't stand meat loaf or ketchup, but I know my girls would also ask for seconds of that!!!!!


Wiping drool from my keyboard....

Keep smilin!


Gonna have to try it...but you should also share your veggie recipe...looks extra yummy!!


Yum! Thanks for the idea.


Looks delicious!! You should have a tab we can click on for cooking! You are an inspiration to us moms who are scratching our heads at dinnertime every night thinking "what's for dinner?"

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