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Friday, October 16, 2009



when I saw this video I continued to weep. forced crying without tears fell suddenly. I so understand this situation if I was in you. jazzie is a special gift you make yourself and your husband also. may you live in the presence jazzie be more meaningful...........

takecare my dear


wow. covered in goosebumps and tears in my eyes. amazing.


Thank you so much for sharing this precious video with us! Such precious memories and my heartbeat quickened when Jazzie was placed in your arms. Partially out of the wonder and love expressed for your daughter and partially becuase this very same thing will be happening to me in just 16 days!!!

what a beautiful video and memories of a lifetime!!


A beautiful video. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing :)


I am bawling my eyes out. Seeing this after our week makes it seem so real. Thank you for sharing this.

Keep smilin!


I had to wait to watch this until I was home from work because I knew it'd make me cry. I've seen it before... but it always makes me cry. That moment when they hand her to you...the tears start flowing because I know that feeling. Well, not yet. But I know that desire to hold a baby in your arms... your baby. :) Thanks for sharing this again. I love watching it.

Jodee Leader

You did a great job on this video. She will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks for sharing it.


That was awesome! Thank you for sharing it!

LID 9/4/2006


Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Jamie [Phatchik]

I love your video! I've seen it before and I also cry seeing you cry when they hand Jazzie to you. It's so raw and genuine and it's just so evident that you'd been waiting your whole life for that moment. I adore the emotion of that scene and I know Jazzie will too when she's old enough to really appreciate it.


So glad you shared this again. For us this was THE VIDEO. I watched it and I KNEW we were going to China. Showed it to the grandparents, and their tears proved they would welcome our daughter to the family with open arms. I'm curious when you first posted the video(4 or 5 years ago?) because we've only had our daughter home for 2.5 months. We are certainly happy with the outcome but it's interesting to me that thinking about the wait still stings a bit...:)



So beautiful! What an incredible experience. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm sure Jazzie loves to watch this!

Briana's Mom

I love this video. And Tahlia's too. I watched them when you had them posted before. They were a big inspiration for me when I created Briana's video. :)


Very sweet. I can't wait to see Tahlia's as well. I was wondering how long you had Jazzie before you realized that she wasn't hearing......She seemed very calm, like Lindsi & just was content to take everything in visually.
Happy memories


Beautiful! Made me cry! Can't wait to see Tahlia's.

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