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Wednesday, October 21, 2009



So pretty!I'm sure my soon to be husband (eek!!) would love some banana bread in this baby!


Very pretty cookware, indeed.


Oh my goodness! So many responses! I'd just like the pumpkin bread :) Any low carb recipes?

Alyssa, Rob and Gillie

Love that color - Red is so awesome (as is your blog!)

Deborah DeBraal

Just wanted to tell you how much I love to hear about Jazzie and Thalia, even when things aren't so rosy. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who has those "gray" days. My two girls, ages 6 and 9, know your girls from reading over my shoulder and want to know what they've been doing. Our six-year old is from Xian, China, and she says, "Hey, they look like me!"
I copied your pumpkin bread recipe and look forward to trying it...pumpkin is my husband's favorite. Thanks for sharing.


Kim Belvo ( Dayton, Ohio)

LOVE the RED pan!!!!! I tried your pumpkin bread recipe last week, however, it didnt come out as perfect as yours... I need lots of practice...My three little boys have been sick all week, so I have been going a little stir crazy trying to find things to do. I would love to have the new loaf pan...maybe my bread didnt turn out because i used a foil loaf pan.....???????? I would love the red pan, I have never owned anything from LeCreuset, in fact never heard of it!!!!!!!!


I am throwing my hat in the ring too. It is beatiful, and it would totally make my dreadful day better. I was hoping the Yankee game would cheer me up, but so far it is only making it worse. That would cheer me up though. That is so nice of you


I don't have any Le Creuset cookware. I look at it all the time...I love the bread pan...then again I love all cookware/bakeware.


I made your pumpkin bread recipe last Saturday. I tried making it in 4 small loaf pans, but it overflowed everywhere. In the future, I'll stick to two regular size loaves. Love your new pan! Ooooo. Ahhhhh.


I've been meaning to try your recipe for a while now. It snowed last night, so today seems like the perfect time!


me me, pick me!!


Oh yummy!!! I love your pumpkin bread recipe!!! This pan would be awesome to have and LOVE the color! My loaf pan is metal and just doesn't do the best job!!!


I would love to win the LeCreuset loaf pan! It's very nice of you to have the sweet giveaway. Thank you


I have set of LeCreuset pots in same color. So, I hope you will pick me.


My daughter and I LOVE to bake and oh how we would love to bake something yummy in this gorgeous pan! Thank you for the chance to win this little beauty... please pick us!!!


Another person coming out of lurkdom finally...I love reading your stories about your family. I have been meaning for ages to invest in some LeCreuset pieces (I love cooking and baking) but just haven't done it yet. Sounds like from your review they really are fantastic!


Oh the bread I could bake if I had this pan!


This would be a wonderful win! I love the color.


Ok I am coming out of "lurkdome" to enter this lovely give-a-way...I must admit I check your blog each day for Jazzie and Tahlia adventures...your little ladies are beautiful and your family is blessed. My husband and I have been researching International Adoption for some of these days it will be our turn.

THANKS for the opportunity to win the beautiful loaf pan!



Lovely pan and beautiful color. Count me in. =)

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