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Monday, October 12, 2009



Cute shirt!

Erin asked why Jazzie was attaching things to her head. I explained about the magnet & processor. Her comment? "Cool mama!"


that is one clever girl you have there.


LOL...Jazzie you are one funny girl:)

I have a girl in my class who wears two BTE hearing aids. One of the kids asked her why she was talking so loud and she said "Duuuh I'm deaf!" She got in trouble for the "duuuh" part cuz that wasn't nice. But I did give her a hug for giving me the first giggle of the morning:)
This same little girls speech is no way even close to Jazzie's. Make me sad for her, but really points out how important aural rehab/instruction is and how very hard you and Jazzie have worked!

Miss you!



OK..I do see the luck with that


Watch out with the magnets......once during a listening activity with Lindsi, I decided to (stupidly) use some really cute buttom magnets. I ended up erasing one of her programs by putting the magnets too close to her ear.

Of course, I guess Jazzie's processor isn't on in this picture....I just keep the WHOLE HEAD away from magnets

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