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Friday, November 27, 2009


Fran Seymore

I have a friend who is deaf. She is an adult and is extremely bright and told me her advice would be "to start to teach Jazzie life skills such as sewing, cooking, changing a tire, etc. Each skill she masters will boost her confidence. She does not need to hear to do these things. Do you remember how proud you felt when you made your first successful meal? Your first dress and you wore it? Success breeds success". Mastering life skills is very empowering. She also said that she went to school with kids who had all kinds of disabilities and came out thinking that she was lucky she was only deaf and did not have their problems. Hope this is not too long.
Fran (Mimi to Zoe and Maya from China)


When I was watching that episode I was thinking of you because I know you love Glee too. I am so glad you saw it and loved it. I think the scene showed that deaf and hearing world living and being together by performing this song. I thought it was lovely.



I am going to disent and say that it was rude that the glee kids got up on stage and interupt the performance. They other times on the show when the Glee club has watched rival clubs perform they were polite and watched and didn't try to interfere. By having the glee club kids interupt the deaf school's performance it was like implying the deaf performance wasn't good enough unless the glee clubs contributed to it.


I'm learning sign language now to help Little T communicate better. She's 3 1/2 yrs old and not talking but trying so hard! Speaking to her ST she told me that sign language will help her in the long run so we are learning together. If you know of any sites or books that will help me down this road I'd appreciate it!!



Glee is a great show and I LOVED that scene. I actually thought about you and Jazzie when I saw it .. maybe I've been reading your blog too much ;)
That's an amazing picture of her. She looks so happy and so grown up!


Lovely! My son took sign language in high school and we attended several deaf programs and I always left with happy tears on my cheeks.

Jazzie looks more grown up every time I see her. A mixed blessing for her momma, I know! But how exciting to watch our babies grow up! Always something new and challenging and wonderful!



What a beautiful, beautiful post and video! thanks so much for sharing this with us. Looks like Glee is a show I should check out!


I love Glee and I love how they did this song!!


Love love love this picture and what a great show


I also love Glee! I haven't watched this episode yet but I agree, that was the best yet!! Thank you for sharing the video.


What a beautiful post, watching sign language always pulls an emotional and awesome cord in my heart. Along with that song, it was something else.

Jazzie is such a beautiful girl and I know how very proud you are to be her mommy. And rightly so.

We taught Lilah about 10 signs when we got home from China, just as a way to communicate because she was 18 months old. I have to tell you, I was SO VERY proud of her, just learning and signing those 10 signs. It is such a beautiful language.

Thank you for sharing that link.



I just watched that episode and it made me cry. Just amazing.

I taught my Lilah about 10 signs when we got home from China, so we could communicate together, because she was 18 months old. I was SO proud of her learning those signs after only a month.

And Jazzie, she is blessed, it is the most beautiful language in the world. It always stirs a love in my heart. She is such a beautiful girl and I know how very proud she makes you.

I love this photo of her, gosh she looks mature in it! A wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the link.


Wanda (At Last...)

Holding back a sob here - and only because my crying scares my little ones.

That was beautiful - I hadn't seen it. I love the last moment with the clapping (signing). Thank you.

Yours and Jazzie's story is an amazing metaphor for life. Thanks for sharing it.
(And btw - has Jazzie grown, like a foot in the past while? Seems so.)

Briana's Mom

I saw the episode. I had tears in my eyes - it was sooo moving. Beautiful post, beautiful girl. :)


If I had to pick a favorite post from all the blogs I have read this year ... this post would win hands down! Thank you! I'm inspired.

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