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Monday, December 21, 2009



OMG!! Congratulations!! I also think you are to young to be an OMA :-), but you can't plan that yourself :-).

PS: have you heard there is a lot of snow here in Holland also?


What a nice Christmas present! Congratulations to you all!


awwww ... Congrats to the mom and dad, aunites, and oma & opa to be!


Congratulations Cera and John!! And Oma and Opa too! What a wonderful way to share their news and celebrate with everyone! When will your newest bundle of love arrive?


A BIG Congrats Oma to be!
What a special way to share the news, very touching and fun!
Christmas blessings to you all!


How WONDERFUL!!! I have happy tears for all of you BUT I will point out you are way to young to be a Oma:)
Congratulation to ALL of you.


What a great way to make the announcement. Congrats!


Congratulations to all of you!!!!

What a marvelous way for Cera & John to let the family know about their addition. I hope she has an easy pregnancy.


Oh my gosh I am crying like a baby and have ghoosebumps all over!!! Congratulations Oma!!!

Love, Kristy


Looks like you all had more than Christmas to celebrate!! Such exciting news....CONGRATULATIONS!!!



Karen Penny

What a wonderful way to make an announcement. Congratulations to your entire family.


Congrats to all of you!! Very's gonna be a great new year!!


Great news! Congratulations!! I also love Jazzie's expression..sort of like she's not so sure about all of this.....=)

She & Tahlia will be the best aunts ever!!


Again, I am loving the expression on Jazzie's face - like "An aunt, me?" Since I am from such a big family my oldest niece is only a few years younger than my youngest brother they always had a very special relationship. I'm hoping some of my nieces start having kids soon to take the pressure of me to get a baby sister for Amelia:)
So very excited that your wonderful family is growing again!

Kelley O

Congratualtions what a wonderful surprise!!!!

Two Kayaks

WONDERFUL!!! Oh, Sandra, this is great news! We revealed our pregnancy to my family on Christmas Eve last year and it was very fun to do. When is she due?
Great pictures of the family!


What an awesome and memorable way to share the news! Very creative. Congratulations!!

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