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Wednesday, December 02, 2009



I was in no way equating Jazzie's situation to having red hair. My point was that my parents always wanted me to learn to love myself for exactly who I was, which is what I'm sure you want to instill in Jazzie. I'm sorry my comment was misunderstood.


The best thing that you can do for Jazzie is exactly what you're doing. By accepting her & loving her & allowing to vocalize her feelings, she will know that she can come to you with anything. That is such an important thing for any child to know. In Jazzie's case, the fact that you allow her to verbalize her feelings is a very big thing.

We will never know how it feels to be in Jazzie's shoes. We can only hold her up with love.


I thought of you and this situation with Jazzie when I watched an interview with Nick Vujicic last weekend. He is a young man who was born without limbs. One of the things he said was that when he struggled to accept himself the way he was that he needed to know he was loved, and that everything was going to be all right.

You are a wonderful mom. Jazzie is going to grow up and be a happy and productive young person with a lot of confidence and grace. Hang in there.

Polar Bear

I'm so glad you posted a Part 2, I have been wondering how things were going. It is very interesting to me that this is common with second graders.

I grew up the same way, not feeling like I could talk about my feelings. I hope to teach my child that it is a good thing to share your feelings. I always learn so much from you. :o)



It's JTC.Org


Hi. Please look google The John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles. I have been associated with it for a very long time. They have TONS of information for you. It was founded by the great actor Spencer Tracy's wife for their son John - who was deaf. It offers all kinds of free services and counseling to any child who needs it. Classes for parents - tons of literature. I hope this helps. They are simply wonderful people and a national treasure.

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