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Friday, December 18, 2009



Ah, it breaks my heart. Does Jazzie's school have a guidance counselor or a school social worker? Often the school pshych deals more with testing students and placement into different programs. The aforementioned positions deal more with the daily issues that kids face. Don't you wish life was just easy and sweet for kids?


I would have thought that the school psychologist would realize that you were reaching out & asking for help already. That person needs to have their head thumped.

I believe that by staying involved with OVV, you are doing the right thing. Their program for mentors is absolutely the right thing. This can be a support for all of you. Having Jazzie speak with older children &/or other people will allow her to realize that they all go through much the same thing in different ways & at different times.

That young boy's behavior? I don't know that he was purposefully rude but rather that he was trying to start a conversation but lacked the finesse to bring Jazzie into it. OTOH, stupidity does abound everywhere.


I was going to ask you about the OV summer camp, but now I think I NEED to look into the AG Bell convention!!!! Let me know if you consider it.

If Jazzie stays at her current school, I really do not think you will have much trouble with acceptance within the student body. At least in Lindsi's caes, the kids are really good at accepting Lindsi for who she is. We've not had any trouble with that issue.

I think the boy was just being a kid. She stood for herself well enough. I'd move past that quickly.

Happy Holiday.


you are so brave mom! Of course, special person's parents are not easy....everyone is worry too...MY Parents is so much not easy, because I have 150db in my both ears....nobody can help.

However Jazzie is very very lucky deaf girl. Many deaf children have no implants because of bad in environment or late implants users else. Me too, I was too late to received the implant as my ears got 150db. Still not good hearing, bad voices.

I have to face overcome.....since I was growing up.

Jazzie is good speaking and hearing. She should meet new deaf friends, they may share their experiences with Jazzie. She will understand and find herself in the future. Because it should be important for her, not compare with other deaf guys only. She is growing up.....

You also said that Jazzie asked the older girl has the implant just like her. I think it is good beginning for Jazzie......She will see what different or understand the deaf persons can be happy with their aids or CIs in life.

I believe Jazzie will learn from them, someday she will share her experiences with her deaf friends as soon.

Jazzie is happy girl ;), also good young artist. You don't worry so much, I believe someday miracle will be appeared!!

Never Give up ;) !


Briana's Mom

I'm sorry you didn't get any real help from the psychologist. I think she should have given some advice. It sounds like you are doing everything possible to help Jazzie.

The boy was pretty mean. I want Briana to build confidence too for her future. I do worry about her.


Sorry, you didnt get any help from the school. I will continue to look for some resources for you. I would do as others have suggested and contact her first school.

I too, want to be an advocate for Wen. So far, she has not had any problems with Chinese eyes... It's something I never had to face.. Except b/c I was chubby in elem./middle school and I remember who called me a buffalo butt all those years ago. It does hurt you...

Christy Bailey


I am sorry Sandra.

Just remind Jazzie boys can be stinky and RUDE!

The school psych probably isn't much help because his/her training is in psychoeducational testing...not counseling.

I do think it might be a good idea to contact her old school to see if they have a resource for a child counselor for Jazzie to talk to. Staying involved with other kids with implants will help...wonder if Jazzie could be a mentor to a younger child?


As an child with hearing aids I can relate with Jazzie.

There are requests/declarations I have said in my childhood , not because I could not accept it , but just because I felt different , and I was happy at both school and at home.I do believe it has nothing to do with external factors ( like someone ridiculing her ) she is just questioning her differences and the CIs' are one of them.She just is expressing her differences in the only way she knows and she will process it.I do believe you do an amazing job as a mother and that reflects on her happiness and content.

Elizabeth's suggestions also sound excellent too, I did not had access to same role models as Jazzie has today in her school.

I am sure that everything will be all right ( I won't tell you not to worry - all moms worry! ) but relax and help Jazzie to proccess things in her own pace ( I'm sure you already try to do that ).My mother used to ask me questions to lead into the source of it and she had concluded that I was trying to explain myself to myself.Does that make sense at all ?

I hope I helped you any and that you have a very Merry Christmas!


That boy was being extremely rude! I hope you said something to him or at least to Jazzie.


You have a wonderful POV on this -- the more successful, confident, listening, speaking adults/older children with hearing loss Jazzie can meet, the better! I would highly recommend attending an AG Bell convention (see -- the next convention is this June in Orlando, FL). They have fantastic children's programs and amazing seminars for adults. It will be like the OVV graduates' social times 100. There is usually a teen panel and an adult panel for at least one of the sessions, where you can hear about different peoples' experiences growing up, in mainstream schools, finding a job, getting married, etc. The connections Jazzie will make (and you will make) at AG Bell will be invaluable.

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