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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Wanda (At Last...)

OH MY!!! That's too much! I gotta go check my laundry room. I have a huge basket of solo socks since the beginning of time here.


Steffie B.

That's funny.....! ;)

Mary McGinnis

So that is where the socks go when missing. Maybe I had better check, my husband's arms are too short. Yeah, think I'll leave that for another day!!!

Thanks for sharing ... wish I had known about the dryer thief. I always thought the washing machine ate the socks!!! LOL


LOL! You are human when it comes to cleaning! ;o) That receipt just made my day!! Your post made me laugh as I'm sure we can all relate to the missing socks. My washer and dryer have already begun to eat Hannah's!

Enjoy the bathing suit. Does this mean you get to go on a winter vacay? Sounds like a good excuse to me!


Hey... your bathing suit is almost as old as my log in date! :)

It's funny that you bought a bathing suit, it disappeared and you didn't even notice. LOL! I'm guilty of doing that kind of stuff, too.


OMG how much space do you have behind your washer??? If you don't like the swim suite anymore, do you think you can return it?? lol


I am now going to look behind my washer and dryer....maybe I will find as many treasures as you. tee hee


I am thinking I need to look behind my washer and dryer too:)
I laughed at the bathing suit receipt. Good thing Kohls has no time limits on
Have a good week!!


That is funny! Looks like a tricky place to get behind. Love the picture! :)


Lol! I was thinking that you couldn't have possibly been in your house that long ALREADY! Maybe my socks are behind my dryer??? I have a stackable unit, so I'm thinking I hope not!!!!


Was there a cosmic energy out there? I cleaned out behind our dryer this weekend too. We only found some socks though.


Too funny....Looks like Christms came from behind the dryer......maybe their is a winning lottery ticket back there....funny stuff.


That is tooo funny!! Love it!! I may have to look behind my dryer to see what might be back there!!

Two Kayaks

I'm sure we could make a whole new cat with the dust bunnies under our dryer. I know they're there...but who wants to acknowledge it?


I love the pie laundryc of Matt wedged in by the laundry machines. Too funny!

I've learned to pull my machines out once a month so I can find mismatches.


That is FUNNY!!! They'll probably still take it back:)
I dropped a hanger behind my dryer a few weeks ago...I pulled it out but all I found were more hangers and LOTS of dust bunnies, not even a penny to be found.

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