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Wednesday, January 27, 2010



I just got my PW cookbook yesterday...gaaaw I wish I lived closer! We could whip up some yummy stuff with lots of butter:)

the jalapeno poppers will be on my super bowl sunday menu!


Her pot roast and twice baked potatoes are absolutely heavenly!!!


I just got that cookbook the other day, too. I was so inspired when I saw my lemongrass dutch oven on the cover. It just makes me want to cook! The "before" photo of your cookbook cupboard looks quite a bit like mine. Maybe I'll have to do a clean out, too.

Life with Kaishon

I love your cookbook shelves! Wow. It looks SO great after you organized it! I have yet to see the Pioneer Woman's cookbook, but I know I would love it : )


Love the B/W pic! I wish my cookbook cabinet were as organized as yours!

Tricia Hogan

I didn't see "American Test Home Kitchen" cookbook ~~ I simply can't live without it! Love your blog!



It is my new favorite too:)
I gave a few out as Christmas gifts this year as I loved it that much..she is sooo FUNNY!!!


I love PW!! I got her cookbook too :) Unique choice for a b/w photo! Great job..


Love it!!! Also love her cookbook very much too. :)

Two Kayaks

Organization just makes me so happy. Your cookbooks look great and I'm sure that whatever you decide on for dinner will be tasty! I'm having a bowl of Blueberry Mini Wheats...don't be jealous. LOL!


I could use your assistance with the reorganizing.... The cookbook shelf looks great....and so does her cookbook!! that one is on my list......I need to buy it:)

Thanks for playing along!

Wanda (At Last...)

Very clever! (I have hers too. Love it.)

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