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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Chase Conely

I bet your girls went crazy over that rockin' toothbrush holder! It's pretty nifty overall, especially the signage on the last picture.

Wanda (At Last...)

I'm late seeing this. I LOVVVVVVE IT!


I am so darn jealous! I need a whole house do-over. We never painted any room other than Erin's because after 11 years, we still don't agree on colors or anything!


So sassy! I have realized that now that we have a baby girl, I should update the joint bathroom (its currently sporting a transportation motif!) Wish me luck finding something cute and non-gender specific!


The room is amazing. Definitely big girl/teen looking and soooo perfectly coordinated too! I'm sure they absolutely love it but I can't believe how big they are getting ;)


This is just the cutest bathroom for girls! I love it!



That is so cute! You are such a cool mom. :-)


Well isn't that sassy!


I think you should get the pic of Jazzie in her glamourous make up and put it in the bathroom!


So cool! Hope the girls enjoy it too.
Love your decor ideas, keep sharing!

Two Kayaks

It's so pretty!!! I love all of the accents!


Okay..that is the cutest bathroom I've ever seen! Love it! I bet Jazzie and Tahlia like it too. You have a good eye for decorating!




Very glamorous and pre-teenish, I bet they love it!


LOL! I think Jamie (post above) has you pegged!! The bathroom is cute though & looks perfect for your growing up girls.

Jamie [Phatchik]

What do the girls think?? It's adorable! I, personally, love all the girly, glamorous stuff. And who are you kidding - you like to decorate & re-decorate - you're going to change this bathroom 10 times over before the girls are teenagers! :O)

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