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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Jamie [Phatchik]

OMG I LOVE love love LOVE Tahlia's hair cut!!!!!! I only wish I had straight shiny hair like hers so I could do the same.

the photos of the girls together [hugging in line for ice scream] was too much cuteness. Love it! What sweet sisters.


I think Tahlia and I have the same haircut!

So glad you got to go celebrate!


What sweet girls! Doesn't that just melt your heart when you know they are thinking of you and want to help? Hope you enjoy the nice long weekend...they look adorable in their Valentine wear!


love the haircut. and so glad you were able to go to the girls parties. Looks like a fun day for all. Happy Valentine's Day to you all:)

Wanda (At Last...)

Sorry you're not 100% back to yourself.

(I love Tahlia's new haircut. It's perfect for her sweet face)


I'm not sure what's more sassy, her haircut or the outfit. LOVE IT!
I resisted the leggings at Target...swore I wasn't going to buy a Valentine outfit, but I caved when I found an entire outfit on clearance for $5:)

It's great that you could still go to their parties! You're very lucky to have this time with them:)


The new haircut is precious!! And the girls will only remember that you were there - not how much you helped....Be kind to yourself during this time....Best! Joan


LOVE Tahlia's new haircut....& is it just me or is Jazzie sprouting thsoe super long Lindsi legs too???

Have a wonderful weekend.


That last picture of your girls is heart-meltingly sweet!

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