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Tuesday, March 23, 2010



sounds like she had alot of hurt feelings and maybe some oppression (like not being good enough for certain sports). People often protray deaf as a bad thing. I used to be that way because of low self esteem, and now I'm proudly to be deaf. Ask her what if one day she could wake up hearing, how would she feel?


This is pretty common, especially among d/Deaf kids from hearing families who are mainstreamed. Sometimes, kids will even think that when they grow up they will not be deaf anymore since they've had little to no exposure to deaf adults.

Are there any other d/Deaf/HOH kiddos around? Successful d/Deaf adults? Perhaps some children's books about famous d/Deaf people and deaf history at your local library? That will help.


Hi, I am another European woman living in the US and I love your blog! It is just wonderful.

Do you think maybe your daughter misses the deaf school? Maybe she misses the company of other kids with CIs and who have the same challenges. Do any of them live close enough to meet up regularly, or are there other deaf kids (oral or signing) in the area that she can hang with? I have friends with CIs who speak really well but still really really enjoy spending time with other deaf people.


I understand she is growing up and will ask more about why she is deaf.

Yes, you did well. Let her know about deaf. Why she is deaf. Become deaf can do anything, but she has implants. So it is no problems with her life. If she ask more again, answer more to her.

I am also deaf, but it is really difficult for my life, as too late getting the implant. I cannot improve for myself eg: hearing and specking, I also have hopeless for my future.

So I think Jazzie is very lucky girl and very near to hearing child. If was me, I will bring her to see other deaf children who use Sign Languages for conversations. Becasue some children have no cochlears in their ears, so cannot receive the implants. They have to use SL, they will be more difficult in the future, but they are very happy in life.

I just support you =)Someday she will understand herself.

Polar Bear

What a girl!
I don't know what to say. You sure did! I think what you said was perfect.

Hugs! for you both.


My heart aches for your little girl. Such tough questions to answer and it's one of those times when you don't have the answer but wish that you did.

((hugs)) You're doing great mom!


Sniffing and sighing with you. :(


I know these questions are tough, but it seems as though you're on the right track with the way you answer them. Jazzie's such a wonderful little girl and I'm glad she has you guys for her family. She's an intuitive and inquisitive little girl and I know it's tough to give the "grown up" answer you have to someone who's not quite ready to fully grasp it.

You're doing an awesome job. Keep it up, my friend.



Dang! Jazzie is definitely questioning a lot of things in life. I think that the way you're handling her questions as honestly as possible is the only way to go. I know it's hard but the good news is that Jazzie knows she can come to you with these things. Hugs!

pug mama

that is heavy stuff.
sniff, indeed :0(

Agnes, Arjen, Tom en Yuan Yuan

Ach .... soms is het zeer snel zoeken naar de juiste woorden he ... lastig soms!

De opmerking: fatter and fatter, hehehehe.

En de briefjes, héél herkenbaar, wij krijgen van Yuan Yuan ook altijd briefjes.

Groetjes, Agnes


How heartbreaking :(
What a tough and sad conversation. I don't think there is a "right" answer and you did the best you could. It's so hard to explain such complex things to children that age ... how it's okay to be sad about the difficulties we face in life but thankful for the good things it brings. I barely understand it as an adult to be honest. I'll wish that she can find peace about it as she gets older.


It takes time to accept thing about ourselves and our lives that we wish were different. Hopefully, in time and with your guidance, Jazzie will accept and even celebrate all the things that make her who she is.


Oooooh. :( Sweet girl. I wish for her that she wasn't deaf too. I know that makes her who she is, but I understand how hard it is to be different. Hugs to both of you. :(


She is a smart one...
Next time I see a star, I'll wish you the strength to keep answering her so well!


=( Sniff here too....

I think you handled it very well. Would it ever help to remind her that it's because she is deaf that you have met so many wonderful people...Sophie for example? Sometimes that helps us, but sometimes it doesn't.

Two Kayaks

Ooof. That's a heart stopper. You handled it well, my friend.

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