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Monday, March 01, 2010



LOVE the pics of you 2 @ the OVV gala!! You both look absolutely smashing!

Sherrie in HB

Hi Sandra:

It has been a long time since I actually check your blog. Great pictures and hope you are feeling better.

If you were to invest in $$$, I would go for the MAC. It has been able to block alot of virus and hackers. And the graphics are awesome.

If I was to do it again (beg and plead), I would ask for a MAC. You won't regret it. All my friends that were PC users are switching to MAC.

Take care and again it was good reading about your family.



I love the photo booth pictures.:)


Love the photos. You look smashing with your hair fixed that it.
and...Your husband is HOT.

Michal Dillon

We just broke down and got a Mac. It is totally the single best purchase that we have ever made!!! Really. The support through Apple is amazing. We literally came home, plugged it in and we were off. Everything makes sense. The i-photo program that comes standard is MORE than sufficient. Go MAC!!!!!!
Go to the Apple store so you can take advantage of their support and knowledge. You won't regret it.


I am a PC person because of affordability; however if I was as good a photographer as you I would TOTALLY have a MAC.

Love Tahlia in the tub - Amelia used to swim in there, but she is too long now:( She'll still spend 2 hours in there playing mermaid Barbies if I let her though:)

Briana's Mom

My hubby is pushing me to get a Mac too, so I'm going to have to say Mac. I think I'm going to convert in a few weeks. :)

Love the girls in their curlers - too adorable!

Also love the CNY pics!


I love Tahlia's diving pics ... too cute as always.
I swear I'm usually a horribly frugal person but I vote you splurge for the Mac. I've been using them for at least 10 years, way before it was cool to be a Mac person. They are so much more user friendly and there is nothing like a Mac for pictures.


Mac definitely! ;-)
Check out the refurbished deals on the online store. You can usually save a couple hundred $$!
and yes, once you go Mac, you never go back!


You should definitely get a Mac! It's well worth the extra money.

Those are really cute pictures of you two!

That's great that Jazzie & Tahlia celebrate the Chinese New Year with their friends.


Love the photo booth pictures. Too cute!

I vote Mac. I bought mine (Macbook Pro) 2 years ago and have loved it dearly ever since. I have to use a Dell at work and often think longingly of my trouble free Mac just waiting for me at home. I'll never buy another PC as my main computer.

Two Kayaks

All of these pictures are so great!! I love the pictures of you and Matt at the Gala!
Honestly, Sandra, you will NEVER regret getting a Mac. Yes, it is more money, but you will never get a virus, will likely never have to have it serviced and will only get a new one when you want to upgrade and not because it has broken down.
Once you go Mac, you never go back!!
No pressure.

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