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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I just found your blog - LOVE the idea of a photo taken on gotcha day with the original referral photo! We have two daughters from JiangXi.

pug mama

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!
I plan on doing the same with Low ---- NEXT week. How fast time flies!!!

Two Kayaks

Such a treasured, treasured day! I love the pictures you have taken year after year. My, how lovely she looks in each and every one.


Happy Referral Day!!!

I can't believe it's been 7 years since we found out. Our girls are beautiful & everything we asked for (& more)!

"With Arms Wide Open" - I still cry when I hear that song.


7 years - wow! Jazzie is beautiful! You are so clever to have taken those photos - I wish I had thought of it . . . maybe I can still start? (she's been home 2 years?)

Our son (home since Sept 2004) has a severe speech disorder (that of course was not diagnosed at 19 months) and he has been the biggest blessing we never could have imagined :) What joy these little ones bring us, we are the lucky ones!


Happy Referral Day!
I always love this post looking back. She looks so grown up from last year.

Wanda (At Last...)

Sandra. I love this look back. Jazzie is such a special little girl and to see how she has blossomed each year just thrills my heart.

Happy Referral day - the day you became a Mommy!!


Beautiful image and memory of that very special day!!!


Happy Referral Day!
Loved seeing her change over the years.


So neat to look back. Wow.. 7 years. I'm sure it's just flown by too!
Happy Anniversary of a very special day


Happy anniversary. Love the beautiful look back.


Happy Day!!

I can't believe how much more grown up she looks from last year to this year!


Happy Anniversary!


Beautiful black and white!!! Enjoy reliving all those emotions of such a special day!!


She is so beautiful and such a gift! My daughter is from Hunan also, exact same chair in the referral picture too - different background though (I wonder if they take these pictures in Changsha at Civil Affairs or have the same chair at different orphanges). My daughter is from Yueyang SWI. We brought her home 8/2006. She was 8 mos at referral also and we also waited 13 months from LID and travel. Amazing.

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