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Saturday, March 06, 2010


angie sharp

Sandra, I googled "put on cochlear implant" and one of the pictures that came up looked like Tahlia. Turns out it was! I enjoyed your blog and while I know that Jazzie will probably have to work harder than others, I also know what a smart cookie she is. Oh, how I remember her use of oral language! As my new boss would say, "She has something to hang her hat on."


How wonderful that OVV keeps up with their graduates! The relationship that they build with their families is truly wonderful. I look forward to getting their newsletters & reading up on the school & how the children are doing. I can see why you & Matt continue to be so involved with OVV.

While my heart goes out to Jazzie because of her frustration, I am happy to hear that she came to you freely & told you she was having a problem. Many children (read Erin) would just have a tantrum about it all. You've got some wonderful ideas here.

I'm not thrilled one bit with the spelling &/or vocabulary lessons that Erin is receiving. I don't believe that there is enough consistency within her classroom alone. Erin's teacher concentrates on the Dolche words which is fine. Other teachers are giving out challenge words, & I believe that this is wrong. The challenge words are great, but most of the time the children don't understand what they are. I don't believe that you can ask anyone to spell a word, write a sentence, etc without helping them with the definition. And just how many 2nd graders get the concept of hypothesis? I'm not even sure that a hearing child understands this. You & Matt have just enable Jazzie to voice this. Most parents haven't given their children this skill set.


Aw yes...the VOCABULARY WALL.....I was so "shocked" when Lindsi was ahead in Kindergarden, stayed up well with her first grade class & then started to slip this year...the reason: VOCABULARY..or lack thereof...

Fortunately, Lindsi's vocab words are story related (She has 10 spelling words & 6 Vocab words) for the week. Lindsi gets 2 days of speech at school & so the SLP now incorporates her vocab words into SLP sessions.

The 2 things that got Lindsi back on track were writing Index cards with the word on one side & a short definition on the other. We drill on them all week. Her class is accelerated & she was taking (& not doing well) the accelerated reading tests. By bumping her down 1 level (to standard 2nd grade) she has improved greatly.

We've struggled with this issue this year too. Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Good luck...feel free to email me if you need to do any comparison sleuthing.

Christy Bailey

Great job keeping on top of that IEP. Unfortunately when a child with a disability is progressing in one area, sometimes teacher's may not realize it is not happening in another area. I am sure you will continue to keep the lines of communicaton open.

Here is a site that has sight words, dolch with picture cues. They are called snap words. There are alot of other visual manipulatives on this site. I am sure her old school can also give you some other resources.

Keeping it fun is also a must. Could Jazzie type her words instead of writing them? Then maybe use markers or a special writing utensil to write with... The teacher is doing this becuase the more the children work with the letters the more they internalize it. We are using a series called WORDS THEIR WAY. There is one for every level. Ask her teacher if they have that resource in your district. There are picture sorts that go with the spelling.

Good luck.

Christy, mama to Wen


My heart broke as I read part of this post. Jazzie is such a wonderful little girl and even though I know her challenge in life, I sometimes forget it... she never seems to miss a beat. That comes from a strong will within and wonderful family support that has taught her to succeed. She's such a beautiful little girl and she's growing up so fast. She'll be right back where she needs to be soon...

Lots of hugs from here....


Children with special needs are near and dear to my heart. I am glad the school is working with you! :) Do you have access to to get pictures to go with her words? If not, email me and I will share my password. This is a great website for schools. I use this all the time to make a photo vocabulary list for one of my own children. I believe strongly in the picture clues. Also, do her spelling words go with her reading program? In our district the words go with the stories. Rereading the stories and discussing the words may also help. Sorry if this is too much information...I am very passionate about helping ALL children be successful! :)

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