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Thursday, April 29, 2010



First of all your girls are GORGEOUS. It really reminds me of my house--girls talking and just coming up with stuff I'm just NOT ready to discuss. Secondly, your Jazzie sounds JUST like my Ari! She's 7yrs old with bilateral cochlear implants.

She keeps asking "how long do I have go to therapy". I just say, "when your 10yrs old maybe you'll be done".


She is such a beautiful girl. Don't worry Jazzie, be strong!


I was so anxious to hear her speak, but had to wait until I got to a computer with sound. Really nice!!! Yes, so unfair (strangely, we get the not fair comments from Jami...). We can not wait to eet y'all....just 1 more month. Are the girls packed?


:0( You are right Jazzie.. Life is definitely NOT fair but you are doing such a great job dealing with the cards you've been delt and I know you will do amazing things someday!


Oof! That got me right in the gut.


First reaction a HUGE giggle - second reaction, sad that she's right. Life isn't fair:(

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