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Wednesday, April 14, 2010



I love this idea and look forward to reading and preparing the recipe that you post.


I always vote to keep your blog about the girls. I think you do a great job with it and it's only one of a handful that I still visit quite often :) I'd love to see you add your yummy recipes to it also though. The Julie and Julia movie was great.


Loved that movie too! Great idea - that looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!



Yum! I love to experiment with new recipes so I'm thrilled you are going to be putting some of your recipes. (Maybe I'll come out of lurkdom more often!) Perry loves beef and broccoli so we'll be trying this!


We LOVE this dish & for my girls they want MORE broccoli...LESS meat!! Thanks for posting your recipe. Can't wait to see what else you're making.

Polar Bear

Ooooo... I like Tammie's idea of shrimp!! Yum!

Love, LOVE the idea! I can't wait to try follow along. You're such a good cook this is going to be great!


Great idea -- can't wait to see more of these posts!


Quick question - 1/2 cup of rice per bowl or 1/2 cup of rice split between two bowls?


Sandra - I love your blog as it is - seeing your beautiful daughters is always a treat but as a fellow ww member I am going to love this. I work really long hours and don't cook often (my husband does most of the cooking) so I am always hesitant to put a lot of time into something if I am not sure how its going to come out...looking forward to your suggestions. Keep up the good work!


Great idea!! Keep them coming!!


WW is a great program. I really need to get back at it. Love how simple this recipe is.


That looks soooooo good and I totally agree about that rice in a bag thing!!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy
maybe NEXT!!!!


Love the idea. Also, love the movie. I've been thinking about being more of a foodie blog, but first I have to get back to blogging more. ;o)


I think this is a great idea...I for one need to lose weight and was successful years ago with WW so I'd love to get back into the WW recipes. I'd love for you to post more recipes to give me some good ideas :-)


Try it with shrimp or scallops for lower points. I used to live on stir fry.


I love that movie too! And this recipe looks yummy! Thanks for posting it (and your review, LOL)!

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