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Tuesday, April 27, 2010



I have to admit it. Had I not known about Jazzie's hearing impairment, I'd never have guessed. Her speech pattern is awesome - even when she attempts to say precipitation which is a hard word for most kids.

I can't get over the fact that she is already learning to write in cursive! AND that her handwriting is so pretty. Erin's print is awful.


Wow! Jazzie is incredible. Would not have known that she was deaf had I not been following your blog for so long. She sure has worked hard and achieved much. I think that is just so awesome. I also think it's great that you have blogged about Jazzie's progress as maybe someone that would have been intimidated about having a deaf child will now be more open to it.


Jazzie's speech is amazing! I haven't gotten to comment lately but I've loved the last few posts. Too cute!

Two Kayaks

I could watch your videos all day! Love hearing their voices (and yours) and love to hear their many questions!

Wow....Jazzie's speech is so great. It's just amazing. My, you must be proud.

Your girlies are adorable doing their homework together.


Don't ya love that flip. I snagged it for $89.00 on Amazon with free shipping. I think Jazzie sounds great!


The girls look so cute sitting there together! Jazzie has such beautiful hand writing!!

I lurve, lurve, lurve my Flip!! Have had to purchase a backup hard drive for my laptop purely because of the number of videos I take. One of the best investments I ever made. I'm sure you'll love yours too!


I have never posted here, I don't think, but wanted to say that if I did not read your blog and just saw this video, I would NEVER guess Jazzie was deaf at all. She sounds GREAT and is very articulate in my opinion..I would have never been able to pronounce precipitation at that age. Your girls are so adorable. Love the blog!

Polar Bear

Who doesn't have a hard time saying precipitation?! :-)
the girls look so cute doing their homework!!

We received a Flip for Christmas. I better get it out and dust it off. I have a feeling it will be used in the not too distant future!!

Agnes, Arjen, Tom en Yuan Yuan

Wat leuk om de meiden op bewegende beelden te zien! Leuk hoor!!!

Groetjes, Agnes.


Jazzie sounds great! I've had students with perfect hearing who have speech impediments. I would not pick Jazzie out in a classroom of kids as being one I was concerned with about speech at all.

Those are some challenging words she's got on her list!


We love our flip. Thanks for sharing the cute videos. Who doesn't have trouble pronouncing precipitation? :0) Your girls are adorable.

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