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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Agnes, Arjen, Tom en Yuan Yuan

Even een mailtje sturen, was het maar zo makkelijk he ...

Hier zei YY op een gegeven moment (nadat ik vertelde dat we haar pleegmoeder gaan ontmoeten): "mam? Kun je ook niet even(!) mijn echt moeder opzoeken?!"

Groetjes, Agnes.


We're going through the "from the tummy" conversations right now. This morning O announced that I came from my mom's tummy, Uncle J came from my mom's tummy, and on and on and on...then she said, "But I didn't." So the conversation started about babies and tummies and we continued it until she flipped her switch and we moved on to something else. We'll be revisiting it soon - but on her terms. We do it your way....honestly.

Briana's Mom

It is so difficult to not have answers. So, so difficult. Briana said the other day that she hasn't never met her birth mom "yet". I tried to explain to her that I don't know who she is and I am not sure we can find her. I don't think Bri grasps that we probably won't ever meet her. It is soooo hard.


The best thing to do? Answer the way you have been - honestly. As hard as it is to let our girls know we don't have answers to way too many questions, it's better that they know they can count on us for the truth.

I will admit that Erin hasn't had questions yet although I think they're coming. Every once in a great while she'll say something that lets me know she's thinking. I remind her that she can ask me anything she wants.

Two Kayaks

I'm sure that you will have many of those "out of the blue" questions and conversations. There are no easy answers.

Donna (Double Happiness)

I wish the answers were easier too. :(



Breaks my heart... I can't bring myself to think how she would feel when she gets older and understand more. Probably she wants to believe that her birth mother loves her despite what had happened. I'm certain, though, by knowing how much you've loved her, went all the way to China and brought her home, will definitely fills that void.

LOVE Jazzie's rosy cheeks! :)


These seem to be daily conversations in our house anymore. Tonight we were sitting at my desk at work (yeah - she got dragged back to the office) and she said, when we find my first mom I can ask her all my questions.
If only it were so easy to find her!

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