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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Rachel and Todd Morin

We are going through the same situation as you right now. Just adopted Sophie in may waited 5 plus years and realized in a couple days of her hearing issue. She is profoundly deaf and will need bilat cochlears. Your story is ours we are loving right now. looking at your story gives me great hope for Sophie. We couldn't imagine our life without her.Thanks for sharing your story..


BEAUTIFUL story! And wow, what a sweet smile!! I can just imagine your fear of losing her was overwhelming. How wonderful that your story has a VERY happy ending!
Thank you for sharing :)


What an amazing and beautiful story!! I never knew that is how you found out about her hearing loss. I can only imagine the range of feelings you were going through while in China.

I agree whole could you not love that precious girl!!

Jennifer Rosner

What a beautiful story and a beautiful blog!
I am writing to let you know that I have written a book about deafness that may be of interest to you. It is entitled If A Tree Falls: A Family's Quest to Hear and Be Heard. There is a lot of information about it at I am trying to get the word out to parents with deaf children, as I hope it will be of value.

All my best wishes,
Jennifer Rosner

Donna (Double Happiness)

What a beautiful story!

I agree that it's hard to imagine someone not knowing that their child is totally unable to hear. And it makes me a frustrated with the SWI's that withhold information they obviously had. But I also know that if the SWI was completely honest with us about our daughters undocumented SN's, it's likely that we wouldn't have them today.

I love your photo. What a sweet baby then (and now!)

But is it REALLY seven years? Man, time flies!!

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I got chills reading this post. What an amazing journey to your girl. Beautiful photo of a beautiful journey.

Wanda (At Last...)

Amazing story - what a journey you took 7 years ago. Love is can't brak that.


Just like reading all those adoption document last time when i was in ohio, this once again bring my eyes to tears..

Agnes, Arjen, Tom en Yuan Yuan

Ongelofelijk zeg! Bijzonder hoe dat dan gaat he ... jullie stralen het geluk met Jazzie dan ook echt uit (en natuurlijk ook met Tahlia)! De meiden horen gewoon bij jullie! Met of zonder gehoor ... maakt helemaal niets uit. Dat ze dat ook überhaupt ook maar denken en voorstellen he ...

Groetjes, Agnes.

Michal Dillon

I had no idea that you knew Jazzie was deaf while in China! What a horrible thing to have her and fear that they are going to take her away.
Oh my. it brings tears to my eyes. You and Matt were like fierce parent bears- just what Jazzie deserved! I am in awe at the love and strength you showed for that little baby.


Oh my G-d! I never realized how things came to a head while you were in China! Throughout all your postings & comments, you never dropped even one hint that there anyone there was putting you through all this. SARS took over all of our lives to a horrifying degree.

I've always told you that you & Matt were meant to be Jazzie's parents as much as she was meant to be your daughter. Nothing will ever change my mind about how perfect you all are for each other.


If you recall the song “Memories”, then you understand Sandra having close to a blank on that day. We were asked three times to deny that Jasmine was our daughter.
(1) At medical exam, Peter (our guide) called the orphanage to see if they thought she had a hearing issue. They all said no, but could bring a new girl to us by the next day. So Peter asked us if we wanted a new girl. We had already had Jasmine for a week. When we said no -she was our daughter, the doctors wanted us to take her to a hospital (I assume for better testing). I said NO we will take her home and then determine what was best for her.
(2) Walking back from the medical exam to our hotel, Sandra is in tears. Julie, our guide in Guangzhou, asked again if we would like another child. This is where Sandra lost it and told her she did not want anyone asking her again.
(3) Back in our room I received a call from the director of “A Helping Hand”, our agency. He called to talk about what we needed to do, but started out by saying: "First, I need to know". I stopped him and told him multiple times he did not need to ask; but he said he did. I told him we had come to China to get our daughter and we already had her. We did not come for a car and found a scratch. He said that was all he needed to know and would take care of the rest. When we woke up the next day, we had an updated home study.
When I went to the US consulate, we went early and Peter and I went to a special room. I signed extra papers saying Sandra and I understood Jazzie had hearing problems in both ears, and a bunch of things that in the end amounted to “She can’t hear and we still want her as our daughter”. Then I waited, someone stamped some papers and I went back to the room with everyone else to wait for the swearing in of our daughters.


I'm in tears! Jazzie was meant to be your daugther - you are so blessed to have her in your lives!


Jazzie was MEANT to be with you and Matt, that is certain!
I just love this picture Sandra...pure joy!


I just have to say - AMEN! How could you not love her!


Jazzie is a lovely girl, inside and out. You are very lucky/fortunate/whatever you want to call it to be her mother. As a mom to two SN children from China, I get so annoyed when anyone even hints that I am such a good person or kinder than the average person to "take them in." They were my children. What else would I do? Every morning when I wake up, I know that I am the luckiest mother in the world to be able to parent these two perfect-for-me children (and their NSN sister).


Thank you so much for sharing your story again. Such a beautiful love story. Jazzie was, is and always will be your daughter.

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