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Sunday, May 23, 2010



seriously. where does the TIME go?? happy referral anniversary.

i've always believed that love is organic, and to truly love someone, you have to know them... so, i think it's completely natural that you didn't fall in love with the photo. i THOUGHT i'd fallen in love with Ellis before i met her. and certainly the seeds were planted. but the love- true love- came later. :O)


It's great that you have those referral pics to go back on.......You can tell that she is the same child through the years. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady. We can not wait to meet you all in a few short weeks!!


Every time I see Tahia's referral pic, I'm blown away. So similar to Erin's! Of course, since they're from the same SWI, it really isn't a shock.

Happy Referral Day!


Sandra - I remember every minute of that day, perhaps because Amelia was my first. I had gotten word from Rob at IFS on Friday, May 20 that a package was on its way from the CCAA he didn't know if it was referrals, or TA's from the group a month ahead of us. I had the tracking number and got nothing done at work that day...all I did was check the Yahoo groups to see referals were being posted and wait for confirmation from DHL to see if the package had arrived. It did at 11:15 and at 11:41 I emailed Rob to see if it was referrals since some were showing up on the Yahoo groups - he emailed back that he was on the phone with another family and would call me soon- 11:51 I still hadn't heard from him. At 12:12 he sent an email that he was having major fax problems so wasn't able to get the information about our kids, but he included a list of who he had referrals for. Rob called me sometime between then and 1:04 when I sent out an email telling my friends and family I was going to be the mom to a girl.
I received congrats from you at 2:06 - I FINALLY got the photo from Rob at 3:05.
I know all of this only from piecing together emails (that I saved) and blog posts:)


She is most definitely your girl! I love the retrospect of pictures. I can't beleive how much older she looks now.

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