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Friday, May 14, 2010


Two Kayaks

I didn't realize that they had actually asked you if you wanted another baby. It makes me nauseous to think about.
She is a beautiful, smart and exactly who she is meant to be. I can't wait to see what she chooses to do with her life. It's going to be something GREAT...I just know it.


Such amazing memories! I love the pics of Matt holding Jazzie then & now. David & I feel exactly the same way with Erin.


I have always loved Jazzies story and the pictures of your family day are so full of joy. Happy 7 to you guys!! Such an incredible blessing!

Shari Ulrich

That post makes me cry, Sandra. What a beautiful story.


Happy Jazzie Day!

pug mama

oh, how I love that story!! You just knew it was her! How beautiful.
Happy 7 years.


Jazzie was made for you and Matt. I can't even imagine those scary first few days for you and Matt.

I love you guys!


That was a very beautiful story.


Congrats for a wonderful family!
Of course Jazzie was for your family. She is perfect!

mary campion

You are, We are, the luckiest parents in the world.


I can't tell you how much your family has changed the way I think about life and love. You are wonderful parents and have 2 extra special little girls.


Sandra, I can relate so well. There was another single mom in our grp & she says now that I was constantly talking about / worrying about Lindsi not hearing very well. I think I only talked to her about it because I was also so afraid they would not let me adopt Lindsi if they discovered she couldn't hear. Lindsi also failed the hearing test at the medical...3 times. Then the nurse looked me straight in the eye & this spoken connection just happened. Her eyes seemed to say...speak up now if you don't want this child...mine pleaded with her to please let me have her. She did the test once more, but brought the toy across Lindsi's line of sight...Lindsi followed it, & she passed her. It was just providence. Very certain of that. For your family too.

Agnes, Arjen, Tom en Yuan Yuan

Wat een ukkepukje nog zeg ... en jullie reisfilmpje ... kippevel!!!! Wat mooi om te zien zeg.

Dat ze op zo'n moment gewoon zeggen, wil je een andere baby?! Onvoorstelbaar. Maar goed.

Leuk om met jullie mee te mogen kijken!

Groetjes, Agnes.

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