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Saturday, June 05, 2010


nc water parks

Wow! What an excellent trip! The girls look they enjoyed this trip very much, I am glad to see Disney is still keeping children happy. I really appreciate how Disney still puts a lot of effort in their character actors, it gives the children a more humanistic approach to relate to their favorite characters. Thanks for sharing. I hope there are many more trips to enjoy.


Wow! You got Jazzie black licorice!? I can't believe she likes it. I'd rather have Tahlia's gummy bears.

Love the pics!


We loved epcot. We stayed until it closed as well. We loved going through all the 'countries' and seeing all the princesses from each and then watching the fireworks at the end. Looks like you all are having a wonderful time! That's how vacations should be!


Glad you are having such a great time in my home state of Florida. I have a annual pass to Disney. A girlfriend and I go there several times a year for Dinner, Special Events and plan old fun. Enjoy!!



This is an awesome post!!! I love Disney and Belle is my favorite!! The girls look just so happy!!!

Love and blessings, Krsity

Wanda (At Last...)

How wonderful!! We enjoyed Epcot the best I think. Enjoy it all!!!!


Looks like a blast. Amelia loves waterparks too - she gets REALLY mad though when she isn't tall enough to go down slides - and she sin't tall enough for most of them. Those poor workers last year feeling the wrath of a 5 year old water lover:)


Looks like the girls are having so much fun, and meeting lots of characters. Soarin' is my fav ride in all of Disney as well - my 5 year old rode it 5 times last time we went!

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