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Thursday, July 01, 2010



I just know my Canadian friends & family would have understood Tahlia perfectly. She is so freakin' adorable.

Tahlia, you can sing for me anytime you want sweetie!


Way to go Tahlia! This Canadian understood you perfectly! :o)


Clearly, it was Canada English :-) She cracks me up!

Janet T.

Well, as a Canadian, I think she did a good job. She just needs to add an "Eh?" every now and again. ;-)


It is great that she could keep the melody as well as she did. You should enroll her in music lessons... I think she has a real ear for it. (Really!)


She is totally right, I just moved over to Canada and some day's it's sound like her song!
Or do I need some English lessons??? I think so!

shari dally ulrich

So, just to clarify...that was The Climb in Canada English, right? I think the girl could be the next American Idol! Very cute and how nice that she's multi-lingual!

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