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Thursday, July 08, 2010



Congrats on becoming a Oma!! I hope by now Cera is resting baby and hubby at side. Tahlia..has the most amazing skin tone. I LOVE the way her skin looks! I can not believe how much our girls have grown. We will be in Ohio next summer and hioping maybe we can have lunch or something. We have so much contact with the kids form tori's travel group and Bella is longing to meet some of her Chinese sisters!


Sandra, you are much too hard on yourself. Last weekend was a crazy weekend, you made it up don't sweat it!

Can't wait to see pictures of the baby. So exciting. I really can't wait to see Jazzie with the baby.


If you are looking for a new board game that your daughters would love you should try quirkle. It's sort of a dominos type game where you match patterns and colors. My family loves to play it!


It seems like just yesterday you were talking about Cera getting engaged, & now she is venturing into such precious territory. I have a feeling that she's going to be a super mommy! Hopefully she'll have an easy labor.

Two Kayaks

Good luck to Cera as she begins this wonderful time in her life!
The girls look like they are having a wonderful summer so far and even though the heat is a killer, it's better than shoveling snow. ;)

Wanda (At Last...)

Always so much to celebrate - but I like what you said. Everyday is family day!

Congrats on your new status as of Saturday. Can hardly believe that.


Ik ben weer een beetje bijgelezen :-). Leuk dat je het Nederlands elftal daar alsnog volgt :-). Ik geef er niks om, maar vind het natuurlijk wel gaaf dat Nederland in de finale staat en Duitsland niet haha.

Wat een mooie foto's van de meiden weer zeg. Ik moet zo lachen om het verschil, Tahlia zo bruin en Jazzie vrij licht. Amber is ook vrij licht. Ze is al wel wat bruiner dan toen wij haar kregen, maar zo bruin als Tahlia zal ze niet worden denk ik :-).

Fijn weekend alvast,..... oma :-)!

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