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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Briana's Mom

Pure sweetness. Sigh...


Beautiful Families' Day =D
I am so GLAD for your family and Jazzie also likes the Sweet!

I cannot stop laugh that Lily wanted to be held like the baby ;)



I love the look on Jazzie's face while she is holding the baby. She is so sweet. Cera rocks! Precious Tahlia looks completely content being held by Cera. Love it!


So sweet! I just have to say my oldest daughter would have panic attacks if I touched another baby. She's 4 now and still struggles when I get too close to another child. It's interesting to see that another sweet China young lady has some of the same feelings. Keep holding her as long as she'll let you!


So so cute. We just went to visit my friend who is going to watch Amelia before and after school and she has a new 3 week old...Amelia was also VERY curious about nursing. I told her to feel free to answer any questions she'll ask - I know there will be a TON. She had so much fun over there I think she's ready to move in...6 days till school starts.


What a blessing to have such a amazing older sister!

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