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Monday, August 02, 2010



I'm glad Jazzie enjoyed herself on the slip and slide and is feeling confident!

Here's a technique someone else mentioned:

Many parents use these headbands too:


Sandra, you are one incredibly awesome mommy! And Jazzie is one amazingly adaptable girl. Her "headband" actually looks darling. What a great msg to all the kids, who each have their own specific needs that may not be so readily apparent. I applaud you both!


When I first started reading, I was thinking shower cap. Kudos to you for coming up with a workable solution!


You rock mommy! Check out that beautiful smile! Maybe you can patent something and sell it on Etsy? :o) Ya, like you need one more thing to do to keep you busy!

Glad you're having such a great summer! The weather has been absolutely beautiful this year.

kat chang

absolutely brilliant, sandra.

<3 from shanghai!


Awesome idea!
Maybe she could decorate her bandage if you stick with that solution. Bling it up a little. LOL!


Love it! As a OT I love creativity! Having a disability is all about making modifications.


Great Job! would a swim cap fit over the plastic bag? That might be more stylish than the bandage but she rocked the bandage on the head look. That smile in the last picture says it all!

Tina Michelle

Way to think on your feet mama and make things work!!


Great design for her !!
No matter that many ideas can be solved
Don't be sad anymore jazzie, she is growing up and everything should be faced. Anyway, I am so happy for her that she has GOOD and Smart mother :)
Happy summer holiday.


I have no suggestions, just a comment on how happy Jazzie looked. What a great idea!


Swimming caps comes to mind??


I know that there are some people out there that use the press-n-seal wrap to put over the processors. If you check a couple of CI support sites, I'm sure you can find what some others have done to make this work. I know a child where I live did this with one processor (he is bilateral, but just did one) and had a great pool experience. Another option would be to use the longer cable and try putting the processor in the press-n-seal or the baggie, and pin it to her suit.Then she wouldn't have to have the bandage on her head. They also sell "ear bandits" which are bands that some kids use to hold their earplugs in. Just a few coping suggestions :) We still take Sophie's CI all the way off, but will probably be dealing with the same situation as your Jazzie soon. Anyway, just wanted to share some ideas.


Would it be possible to tightly wrap the device with some Glad Press and Seal cling wrap and still have her wear it? It might solve the needing a bigger bandage problem. Just a thought.


Great job! I am glad you are such a problem solver for her! :)

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