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Sunday, October 10, 2010



It's crazy isn't it! It was 90 here on Saturday! I have the furnace on because it's in the 30s at night and then it's 85 during the day. Hard to dress the kids in the morning so they don't sweat to death all day.

Briana's Mom

Love the adorable pictures! I feel your pain regarding the temps. Blah!!!

Tammie Hersh

Pumpkin patches are supposed to be synonymous with Fall. Since we only get to wear shorts to our pathetic patches, I know I'll always get a peek when I see your pics. There is definitely something wrong with your girls wearing shorts to the patch. OTOH, I did get to them & sneak a peak at Jack so the weather is forgiven.



what great pics! looks like the girls had a great time...

i'm like you, i don't like warm weather in october. but unfortunately, it's rarely below 80 this time of year for us.

Two Kayaks

Beautiful pictures, Sandra! I especially love the li'l sleepyhead in the last photo. Don't you love pumpkin patches?? We went yesterday as well and I'm working on getting the 137 picture organized. :P


Ah yes...shorts in our pumpkin patch too. Hopefully cooler weather is just around the corner!!


What an exciting day as your newes little man was able to join you in this annual tradition. Fun!!


Looking Forward your Halloween Decorations =)
Time goes fast! both girls are growing a lot =)



foto's zoals altijd geweldig! vooral die van boven af genomen. Vind ik zelf ook een fijne positie.
Inderdaad raar om jullie in shirts en korte broeken te zien tussen de pompoenen terwijl hier de herfst zijn intrede doet.
Hele fijne week!
Gr. Claudia

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