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Friday, October 29, 2010


Angela Garner

Love Jazzie's glasses. She looks very grown-up in them!

Tammie Hersh

I never would have thought to use cinnamon sugar! My parents always lightly salted our seeds. I think I prefer your way!

BTW, Erin & I are going to be baking your pumpkin bread this week. I can't wait!


Love three of them ;)
So jealous that you can carve them that I never play this before...

Happy Halloween ;)

Jazzie looks different now, she become pretty girl ;)


It's fun to see how the girls attach the pumpkin guts differently. Jazzie seems to love the feeling of it squishing through her fingers while Tahlia looks more comfortable with a spoon. So fun!! Adorable little faces on their pumpkins too.

Mmmm...cinnamon sugar on pumpkin seeds? That's a yummy taste combo I'd never thought of. How long do you bake your seeds and at what temp? Haven't done them since I was a kid.

Briana's Mom

Awww, I love pumpkin carving! Your pumpkins turned out fantastic! We just did ours tonight. :)


Love this tradition! :)

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