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Thursday, October 14, 2010



Jazzie's speech is better than my hearing cleft daughter who's 10. Way to go Jazzie! You are beautiful!


That's right! Good speaking is better hearing well. Because many hearing ppl always use ears to listen.

If cannot speak well, nobody will like conservations with you. Just like me, my speaking is Not very well, really difficult for jobs.

So I feel the deaf children should get the implants for their future =)

Jazzie, she does very well with implants. So she is happy girl =)!


Jazzie, I feel the same way about noise in the classroom. It drives me nuts! ;)


I was just talking about Jazzie the other day to one of my employees (that sounds so weird to say) Anyway, she is deaf and wears hearing aids and reads lips. She is hoping she will qualify for a cochlear implant after the first of the year. Apparently you have to hear less than 60% or something like that and she hasn't qualified in the past. However, I guess as she ages, her hearing is getting worse so she might qualify this year. She was very interested to know about Jazzie and how she is doing with her implants. :0) I hope you didn't mind me sharing a little of Jazzie's story. I didn't lead her to this site. I just spoke about some of her frustrations and some of her triumphs too!

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