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Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Yes, I remember and it made me cry seeing those pictures again... but you are right, everything turned out to be great!

Tammie Hersh

Cera is truly an amazing big sister. I'm sure she's also an amazing mom.

Briana's Mom

This post made me smile. :D


All the picture are great but I love the last one the best. Cera looks great! Jazzie is getting so grown up looking. A sweet little girl. And.. you can tell she absolutely loves her nephew!


Beautiful! Cera sounds like such a wonderful understanding person and Jazzie looks so content and proud holding her new nephew.

Two Kayaks

So sweet. Time moves us into acceptance...into the love of a new little life. So glad that Jazzie is happy with her new nephew.


I must be emotional today because that last photo teared me up, too. Love this!


So sweet! :)


OK Totally brought tears!! So so sweet!


What a great post! I love your blog and read it everyday faithfully. I hope to be able to read it when we go to China in 3 weeks!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


Awwww ... so sweet!

Kelly Rice

Hi, I found your blog through a friend. I noticed that you have adopted children and was wondering if you would mind to share some tips/advice. My husband and I are very interested in international adoption but know very little about the process as we are just in the beginning stages. Any websites, contacts, initial funded needed, etc... any info you can give would be most appreciated.

My husband and I currently have two wonderful little boys, ages 3 & 5 years. They are two of my biggest blessings and I am so thankful for them. Yet, somehow... my home still does not feel complete. I can't get past the feeling that somewhere, someone is in need of a loving home and I have made it my mission to find them.

Thank you for inspiring others to reach out to children in need. God bless.

my email address is


So happy for both of the girls. Cera sounds like such an awesome big sister.


I got chills and tears when I viewed the pictures. How precious!! What a difference a year makes! She looks like a very proud Auntie!


Beautiful - and you made me cry!


Good for Jazzie! The pictures bring tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

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