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Thursday, December 02, 2010



De Chinaboom is erg origineel! Mooi! Hier moet de boom nog geplaatst worden (en gekocht). Ach ja hij staat toch t/m 3 Koningen (6 januari).


Great trees! The China one is extra special.

Debbie in the UK

When I think of you I always think of how you take down your decorations on Boxing Day (26 December) when most people here(dont know about Holland) take their's down on 12th night (which is Jan 6th).

This year we are going to India on 1 January so we have to take ours down pretty smartish after Christmas too!!


Love that! Jazzie looks more pretty girl now, T else^^~

Cannot wait wht your next plan will do for them! I love white christmas, HK never has christmas tree...hahaha!

Merry Christmas~~~

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