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Friday, January 21, 2011


John Brieger

Well done.. I read this book some time ago and it helped me a lot. Especially when I would reach that wall where it seemed like I could not run anymore. Its called "Relentless Forward Progress".. Anyway Im 44 and Im still running

 Matt  (DH)

Sandra is really kicking butt and taking names. I am so proud of her. I just looked at the visitor count and it is at almost 300,000 for this year (280k since 12/29). If even a small percent follow the instructions on "I really don't like to ask for anything, but...." and make a donation, then Sandra will be the biggest fund raiser for Ohio Valley Voices this year. If she does then she wins the infamous "Pig Ears" to wear during the raise. And don't worry - if she wins, I'll make SURE a picture of her running with the ears makes the blog. Every donation puts her one step closer.

Diana Wang

I am so proud of you and your are not only a inspiration to your girls but to a lot of us "older" girls too;)
You can tell your post how you have grown. You are AMAZING!!
(I will donate before your run)

Susan Mucilli

Sandra, Way to go! Thanks for sharing your journey, on so many levels. You are truly an inspiration. I am heading over to the site to make a donation on your behalf. Good luck in the marathon, you rock!!


I love that you are going for full. It is such a great course. Well volunteered, well organized, well entertained. I can't wait to hear about every step of training/racing. The piggy is one of my favorite races!!!

Tammie Hersh

I am so proud of you Sandra. You're feeling so much better about yourself. Good for you!


You're an inspiration! :)



I am so inspired by your determination and success. I, too, have 2 daughters from China. I need to get up and be a more healthy mommy....

Keep up the awesome work....


p.s. Your blog is amazing...


That is so awesome! I know you can do it.


WAY TO GO SANDRA!! We will be cheering you every step of the way:)




I am just SO flippin proud of you Sandra, honestly this got me all teared up. I remember when you were going through kind of a rough patch - was it two or three years ago - and now you're just a changed woman, you are so confident and ready to tackle anything. 2011 is just going to be an incredible year for you!


Yes!!! Go Sandra!!!
What an inspiration you are for your girls!!!


We are so PROUD of you!!!! You are AMAZING in the prposefulness of your quest. Only good thoughts for continued success are sent your way.

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